How To Find Cheap Imported Car Insurance

March 5, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Purchasing an imported car brings a special thrill to the avid auto enthusiast. Not only can you often find cars that get better gas mileage and lower emission rates, but you also enjoy the prestige of driving a car that’s different from anything else on the road. Unfortunately, those differences can sometimes make it difficult to find cheap imported car insurance.

The reason some insurers balk at insuring imported cars is that there isn’t as much data available regarding safety and the car’s ability to withstand a crash. This makes it harder to determine how much risk the company will assume to insure the vehicle and some insurance companies will decline the prospect altogether. Even though finding a company that offers cheap imported car insurance can be difficult, there are still some things you can do to find the best available insurance rate for your vehicle.

The best places to find ideas for companies offering cheap imported car insurance are car magazines, dealers, and car enthusiasts. These people can direct you to companies that primarily insure imported vehicles, that will most likely have information on your car, and that can therefore make a fair decision on premiums. If you still aren’t satisfied with your results, you can go online to search for imported car insurance.

Even though your options regarding insurance companies will be fewer with an imported car, it’s still important to shop around. Comparison shopping can save you significantly on your policy since each company determines rates differently. If the company you’re dealing with doesn’t have much information on your make and model, provide them with specifications such as the top speed, safety features, and engine capabilities so they can give you the best quote possible.

If the car you purchased doesn’t have many security features, you should consider installing an alarm system or a GPS vehicle tracking device to prevent theft. By decreasing the chances of your car being stolen, you make it more likely that an insurance company will be willing to offer you cheap imported car insurance. Some companies may also be willing to give you a discount if your car has certain features such as seat belts that lock automatically or additional airbags.

Before you purchase your imported car, make sure it meets all United States vehicle regulations. Not all countries have the same standards for safety and emissions, and these factors could make it impossible to find insurance in this country. Finding cheap imported car insurance may take a little more effort than shopping for insurance on a commonly driven vehicle, but you can still find a policy that offers discounts and keeps you safe as you enjoy the distinction of driving an imported car.

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