How To Find The Cheapest Car Insurance For Young Drivers?

August 7, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Reducing cost is the greatest way to enhance your savings, this can be especially hard when the economy has been hit by financial meltdown. Every year, insurance premium takes away a great part of our investments. The best solution here is to find the cheapest insurance policy.

The word youth has become synonymous with adventure, fun, etc. In the same way, when you think of young drivers, the first picture that comes to your attention is one who drives at a great speed, one who is irresponsible in driving, etc. Therefore, getting cheapest possible insurance for young drivers is a must.

So how can we find the cheapest insurance for young drivers? Below are some of the top tips.

Track the latest marketing campaigns conducted by insurers. Lack of knowledge is one main reason for not being able to get the cheapest car insurance. Many are not aware about the latest incentives and discounts provided by car insurance companies. Do you know that those drivers who have taken a defensive driving course, those who get good grades, etc. get attractive discounts?

Use common sense when driving. This can be quite a challenge to the young, energetic drivers out there. However, it is absolutely necessary if you want to get the best value car insurance. First, make sure you have taken a course in driving and then use your common sense while driving. Avoid cell phones and other distractions. Do not drive intoxicated. Limit driving long distances and duration of your drive to stay alert. Take these steps to maximise your chance of securing discounted insurance.

Choose car properly. Avoid sports car because these cars are involved in most accidents. Instead, choose a conventional model. Similarly, brand new models will attract expensive insurance. So avoid them at any cost.

Take advantage of safety discounts. Driver and car safety is on the top of the insurer’s mind. If you can convince them that your vehicle is not going to get damaged easily and that it has the latest safety measures, then you can easily grab those safety discounts. Mandatory safety measures include air bags, automatic seat belts, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes, alarm systems, fuel cut off switches, etc.

Use the online quote engines available on the thousands of websites available that permit you to get hold of and evaluate different car insurance quotes. It is worth spending some time on this to get the best rate.

Engage an insurance broker who may be able to tap into their netowrks to help find the best deal for you. In addition, often brokers would know the intricacies of how insurers rate and hence allow the best application for insurance to be put forward.

Do some research. There are many other special offers offered by insurance companies for students and young drivers. If you are female, you can get special discounts. So the key point is invest your time to do research and take advantage of the incentives and bargains offered by insurance companies.

Although it is a given that insurers would charge a young driver additional for the extra risk they pose, by following the steps above you will be able to maximise your chance of getting the best discounts for your insurance.


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