How To Get Affordable Car Insurance

August 8, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

There is no one who would not like to lower their car insurance costs. The expense of owning a car is bad enough with the high cost of fuel and the large payments being made to the dealership, having an expensive car insurance policy is just not an option for most people. There are some easy techniques listed below that will show you how to lower your insurance costs with making very few changes.

Shopping around and comparing quoted from several companies is extremely important when you are trying to find the best priced policy. There are thousands of insurance companies offering vehicle insurance and they will all promise you the lowest rates. The price difference between some of these companies can mean hundreds of dollars so it is worth shopping around. If you have anything on your driving record you might want to find a company that offers forgiveness for violations earlier than some of the others.

Decide on your policy deductible carefully. A deductible is the price you are going to pay out of pocket in the event of a claim being filed. Some insurance companies offer extremely low deductibles to make their policies look more attractive, but you will be paying for that low deductible in your total policy price. Many people who have good driving records will never file a claim where the deductible will need to be paid, so it is smart to have a larger deductible in order to lower the policy premiums.

If you are driving a sports car then you should expect to be paying higher rates than someone driving a sedan. You can be surprised however to find out that sedan is giving you higher rates than the sports car due to it being on the high risk category for theft or accidents. Talk to your dealership or search the internet to see what risk level your vehicle is placed in.

If your car is not installed with safety or security features your rates will be higher than those who have cars that are. You can equip your car with an anti theft device for very little and save quite a lot on your policy. Talk to your agent about the available discounts that are offered for specific features being installed on the vehicle. You may learn that a vehicle with safety locks or dual airbags will be much less expensive to insure than one without.

Most of us have other insurance policies such as mortgage insurance, boat insurance, or motorcycle insurance, by combining these policies with one company you can normally save large amounts of money. Having multiple policies with one company will generally bring discounts for all the policies, not just the car insurance.

Just because you have been with your insurance company for years do not expect that they are giving you the best rates. You should still shop around and compare quotes every time your policy comes up for renewal. Always ask about their forgiveness policies and ask about all discounts that you might qualify for.


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