How To Get Car Premium Cutbacks With Anti-Theft Devices

March 30, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

One good way to get discounts from your car insurance premiums is by outfitting your car with the appropriate anti-theft device. Car insurance companies allow discounts to policies offered to car owners who have anti-theft devices installed in their vehicles. When you are shopping for a car insurance policy, it is important that you ask your insurer of the applicable discounts that they offer for specific anti-theft devices that are installed on the insured vehicles.

There are three main types of anti-theft devices available in the market today. These are the mechanical immobilizers, the car security alarm systems and the electronic tracking and immobilizing device. It is important that you have clear understanding of the operating principles of these 3 types of security devices.

The mechanical anti-theft devices are used to control the movement of the steering wheel. This will prevent your car being driven once this mechanical device is installed. These mechanical immobilizers are a good alternative to high tech electronic gadgetries that are very common in the market today. It relies on its ability to restrict access and control the movement of the vehicle and the most common device under this category of anti-theft device is the steering wheel lock bar. While this latch bar is the most common, there are also other protective devices which are equally reliable and these include the lock bars for the gear shifts, tires and the brake pedals. The upside of this type of anti-theft device is that it is conspicuous making it an effective deterrent to car thieves. Nonetheless, police officials recommend that these devices be used in conjunction with the other types of anti-theft or security alarm systems.

The security alarm systems comprise another category of anti-theft devices. This category includes a wide array of electronically activated car sensors. These electronic devices protect vehicles from possible breach by thieves. An alarm is activated in case of unauthorized or forced entry, perimeter threats, breaking of glass windows and sudden movements or nudges to the vehicle.

The third category of anti-theft systems includes electronic devices that provide vehicle tracking capability. In instances where thieves successfully drive off with your car, this third category of car theft security system will monitor and report the exact movement and location of the stolen vehicle. An added feature of vehicles with vehicle tracking security system is the VIN etching which functions as the identification code of the vehicle and as the tracking device. Another major feature of this type of security system is its capability to immobilize the car by cutting off power once there is an unauthorized attempt to drive the car.

The last thing that you must do when you are considering the appropriate car insurance is to ask and confirm the discounts being offered by the car insurance companies for vehicles outfitted with security systems and anti-theft devices. You have to confirm with your insurance agent or the insurance companies which anti-theft devices qualify for a discount on premiums. If you are making online searches, make sure that you provide a complete description of the anti-theft device that is installed in the car being insured.


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