How To Locate A Good Car Insurance Deal

June 15, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK so driving without the required levels of cover is actually a criminal offence that can result in imprisonment for serious cases. So with car insurance being compulsory, what factors should you be looking at when you are trying to find the best value policy?

Insurers treat age as one of the major factors when pricing their policies. Males between 17 na d25 have proved to be the most likely to make claims and so are charged the most by their insurance companies. On the other hand, a lady in her 50’s is seen as a much lower risk and would therefore find car insurance is cheaper for her.

The amount of cover provided by a policy also determines cost. Whilst third party insurance meets the legal requirements and is generally the cheapest, it only provides cover for any third parties involved in a claim. Any damage to you or your vehicle is not covered by this sort of policy.

When you get a car insurance quote, the premium or the cost of the insurance will vary from company to company. This is because each company will base their quote on a set of risk factors and increase or decrease the premium depending on how your rate against these factors.

This may all sound complex, but actually it is the insurance company that does all the hard work in determining how much they will charge. All you need to do is to compare the quotes that you receive and ensure that each covers your requirements fully and yet offers you good value as well.

Insurers take many factors into account when calculating their premiums. It is not just the type and make of car that they consider, but factors such as your age and employment, whether you are married or not and your claims history. Your gender and where you live are also considered as a woman over 50 living in a rural village is probably less likely to make a claim than a male twenty something living in a major city.

How far you intend to drive each year also plays a key factor in the costs of car insurance as the risks of you making a claim increase with the more miles that you travel. Travelling for business, as a rep or van driver would do, also boosts the cost of motor insurance as there is more chance of a claim being made by these sorts of drivers.

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