How to Lower Car Insurance Rates for Teenagers?

October 17, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
Almost all teens want to have their own cars. It maybe because of peer pressure or maybe they just wanted to enjoy adulthood by driving independently. Giving a car to a young driver is always a struggle – both for the parent and the teenager himself. While parents are worried about car safety and insurance premiums, young drivers are mostly concerned about how they fare with other kids their age who were already given a car by their parents. But at the end of it all, parents would have no choice but to give in to their teens as they reach the legal age. They would have to learn how to drive anyway. Purchasing the car may come later, as car insurance for teenagers can really be a big headache.

But once your teenager finally gets his hands on his driver’s license, the trip to the car dealer becomes imminent – unless of course you want him to borrow your car all the time. More than being concerned about the type of car you’ll give your son, you must be more interested on the car insurance coverage for teenagers. It could really go up the roof if you don’t know the techniques to make it low. With the guidance of a reliable car insurance agent, you will have more or less a good idea what kind of car will be perfect for your son.

Here are tips on how you can lower the car insurance for your young driver. Follow them and you’ll be ensured of the safety of your son or daughter.

1. Learn about deductibles.

This corresponds to the amount you are to remove from the total insurance claim. High deductible means lower premiums. Lower deductibles results in higher premiums.

2. Consider the car’s safety features.

When companies quote car insurance for teenagers, they always consider the features for safety of the car they’re driving. And so when buying a vehicle, get the one with airbags, automatic braking system, and pressure monitor. The more safety features the auto has, the lower the premiums will be.

3. Add your teenager to your own policy.

Some car insurance providers allows for a child rider to an existing policy. Check if this feature is supported by your own policy. This way, you’ll just add a minimal amount to your monthly premium and both you and your teenage driver will be covered.

Of course, safety comes first. Make sure that your teen is a responsible driver. Let him or her understand that driving is a serious task. By being a defensive driver and by following all the traffic laws enforced, it is easier to lower down the rates of car insurance for teenagers.

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