How To Rightly Report A Car Accident For Insurance?

April 21, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Every driver at some time or the other gets involved into some type of car accident. It’s essential to be let the other vehicle driver know your details so that they can contact you later. If you just drive away from the spot after an accident, although it is small, it is considered as a hit and run case. It might be that you hit a car when there is no one inside, still it is necessary to leave behind your details so they can get in touch with you. On the other hand, if the accident is of a serious nature, then your first priority should be to get someone inform the incident at 911.

Most people forget the first step, which is to not admit mistake. Even though you know that the car accident was caused sue to your mistake, it is suggested that you don?t confess it to the other driver. Because if later, it is proved to be the other party?s mistake, you?d still be compelled to bear the expenses because you initially owned up the mistake. You must stay cool and tactfully manage the state of affairs so that everyone gets back to their work.

Swap the insurance information with the other party/ parties immediately. Ensure that the names, contact numbers, and addresses are provided so you can contact each other later. This explains why it?s so essential to carry your insurance proof along with you in your vehicle. You might have to give the proof later if you don not have it with you at the time of accident.

If both parties involved in accident are ready to wait then you can make a call to your insurance company and ask your claims representative to come and evaluate the damage caused. At times, this may not be possible, but you should always call your claims representative as soon as you can. The representative will take some pictures of the accident spot and damages while you are around; get your claims form filled, speak to the other people involved in the crash, and may be also talk to those who saw the accident.

You must also click pictures at the spot and nearby areas before the mess is cleared and vehicles are removed. These days it?s become very easy as most people have mobile phone cameras. So, take enough pictures which may help describe the accident scene.

After you have made a call to your claims representative, clicked pictures, and taken each other?s contact information, you may usually leave the spot. In most cases, a police officer arrives by this time to assist in clearing up the mess and getting your vehicles removed from spot by tow trucks. Sometimes when the crash is not so serious, tow trucks may not be required at all. Also it may take weeks or months to get your insurance money, so you may have to bear the initial repair charges yourself.

The fund you receive is decided by the lowest fixing quote provided to the insurance company. If they total your car then you will get the ?blue book value? for your vehicle. The ?blue book value? is your car?s standard price set after taking into account the age, state, and model of the car. If you had made any alterations in your car, then you will not be paid for that.

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