I Almost Flipped When My Mom Said She Was Driving Without Insurance!

April 7, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Ken Henry

It is the law to carry auto insurance on any vehicle that operates on the roadway. In other words, any vehicle that you drive on the highway must have insurance coverage. Do not get caught driving without insurance. If you do, you will receive a fine and possibly will have to go to court.

You can purchase auto insurance from a large variety of different companies. It is easy to obtain and there is no excuse for not having insurance coverage on your vehicle. You can choose to pay for the insurance either monthly or once a year. The amount of money that you will have to pay for the insurance will be determined by your driving history, your age, and the vehicle that is to be insured. Full coverage insurance will cost more than liability insurance as well.

Full coverage insurance will cost more money. However, it is the better value because it will ensure that everything is covered in the event of a wreck. Full coverage insurance can purchase you a new vehicle or pay to fix the vehicle involved in the accident. It can also cover the other vehicle if the wreck was your fault. With full coverage insurance, make sure to obtain uninsured motorists coverage. That way, if you have an accident where the other party involved does not have insurance, you will still be covered. Full coverage insurance also will pay for the hospital bills of yourself, and the other party involved (if the wreck was your fault).

If you purchase liability insurance, coverage is limited. It covers expenses incurred in an accident to the other party if the accident was your fault. It will not pay to replace your vehicle or fix your vehicle. Liability insurance is the minimum amount of insurance that is required by law. You only want to purchase liability auto insurance if your vehicle is completely paid off.

As a responsible adult, you must obtain auto insurance. You must call your insurance company whenever you purchase a new vehicle or trade for a vehicle to purchase coverage. You must call your insurance company whenever you no longer will be driving a vehicle to drop coverage.

You can obtain insurance coverage through a local insurance agency or on the Internet. Many companies now offer the ability to obtain coverage and purchase insurance completely through the Internet.

Purchasing auto insurance for your vehicles is easy. Make that phone call or click your mouse to get the coverage you need today.

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