Importance Of Insurance Shopping By Teens

July 17, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Graham McKenzie

Responsibility is a virtue stressed by parents to their children every day. But when the time comes to test that virtue with a driver’s license, we want to wish them back into young childhood again where we can tuck them into bed at night and watch over them. The turmoil and stress that parents go through during this transitional phase is often as great as or greater than the turmoil commonly expected in teens. As parents, we are thrilled that they have passed the tests and received the license they so desperately wanted.

The reality comes now. The average family income cannot withstand the insurance cost. Recently many insurance companies have come up with the idea of ?teen friendly? policies. What exactly is this?

Another good way to tackle this problem is to let the teenagers do the insurance shopping themselves. The idea behind this is that once your child has obtained a driver?s license they are regarded as adults and therefore they should behave maturely. By allowing them to shop for the insurance themselves, you are providing them with an eye-opening opportunity.

The best idea is to give them an outline of what they should be looking for in an insurance company’s quote. Keep in mind, however, that if they are not footing the insurance bill they may not be as thorough with their research. Set a minimum number of comparisons that they should have to complete in order for the exercise to be finished. Look for ways that the cost will affect them, either directly or indirectly.

In order for them to get good results, you should provide them with some guiding principles on what they should be looking for and how to compare different policies. To ensure they do a thorough research let them know they will be involved in the payment of the monthly insurance premiums. If you are the one paying the bill, try to get some indirect ways for the cost to come back to the teenager. This way they will do a comprehensive research trying to get the most attractive quote.

The responsibility of doing their own insurance shopping, will give the teen the impression that you are trying to treat them like an adult and that you are giving them some amount of trust. Knowing this, they are more likely to relay that trust to their responsibility when behind the wheel of the car.

There is an additional bonus by giving the responsibility. The child will clearly understand the problem in buying a new car besides the money factor. This insurance research would teach them to compare the different rates in accordance with the cost of vehicle.

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