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September 5, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

The modern era with all kinds of technological advancements has brought about the greater automobile revolution which has helped in the large scale production of vehicles. All kinds of vehicles can be seen on roads these days. There are luxury vehicles, compact vehicles, utility vehicles, sports vehicles and many more. Though all these technological advancements have helped the mankind in a great manner, it has certain drawbacks. And the main drawback is the road mishaps that occur on a daily basis in almost all cities. To counter this or to reduce the impact of such mishaps came the concept of car insurance where all the losses are incurred by the insurance company in case of an accident.

The concept of car insurance is very complex and understanding it in full is not that easy. So this article will give you a brief explanation on everything you need to know about car insurance. Insuring your car with a reputed insurance company will mean that the almost all the accident related complaints of the vehicle will be covered by the insurance company. The term “cover” used in the previous sentence means that any damage to the vehicle due to an accident can be claimed from the insurance company with which you have insured your vehicle by submitting the required proof and documents. This is simply called as a liability protection in insurance terms.

The terms and conditions that have to be satisfied before claiming the car insurance includes factors like the reason for the accident, the condition of the driver before the accident (whether he was drunk or in a conscious state of mind etc), the place of the accident, the past driving record of the driver, the age of the owner, the term of insurance etc. Only after all these factors have been found satisfactory will the insurance company give you the monetary benefits. Car insurance is a necessity and everyone with a vehicle must insure their vehicle for their own safety.

Depending on the factors mentioned above, a particular company covers the car for a limited period, say 5 years. During this 5 year period, you will have to pay premiums on a yearly basis or on a half yearly basis depending on your convenience. This is how the insurance companies gain profits for itself and it will be greatly advantageous for them if no accident claims are made in these five years as they need not repay the amount (This is a bizarre sentence for the fact that no one would encourage to be a part of an accident and it is advantageous for the owners too if they escape without an accident).

The premium amounts are calculated depending on many factors. These factors include the age of the driver, the purpose of the vehicle (the premiums will be higher for a sports utility vehicle than a compact vehicle), the driving history of the driver, the present condition of the vehicle, the present value of the vehicle etc.

One can avail much more benefits by insuring his/her vehicle with a standard and a reputed insurance company. There are six different coverages that are normally given by an insurer. The six are listed as 1) bodily injury liability, 2) property damage liability, 3) collision, 4) comprehensive, 5) medical payments and 6) uninsured motorist.


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