Important Things To Remember When Purchasing Cheap Auto Insurance

February 4, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Paul Amador


It is a fact that buying cheap auto insurance has changed a lot from how things were in the past. Getting cheap insurance use to be an easy task, however, with many factors at work in today’s world, finding cheap insurance alternative has become rather complicated. More drivers, an unstable economy, and more costly repairs, have all made the option of finding cheap car insurance more difficult than ever before.

During bad economic times, finding ways to get affordable insurance coverage online is a vital step towards saving significant sums of money each month. To get the lowest rates and quotes, follow the three steps below to help you find ways to cut possibly hundreds of dollars off your auto insurance payment.

Step One – Coverage: What do you want? What do you really need?

Purchasing the cheapest auto insurance will mean that your payments are going to be lower; however, this may not be the best situation for your insurance needs. Some people feel better with more protection for themselves and their families while other times, due to the regulations imposed by their auto financing lender, a person will be required to have more coverage. Simply getting cheap auto insurance may not cover all that needs to be covered. What you, as a consumer, should aim for is getting an affordable insurance policy instead.

Step Two – Quotes

In order to save a considerable amount of time many people looking for affordable car insurance opt to use the Internet for getting multiple auto insurance quotes. Regardless of what time of the day it is, using a quote tool will allow you compare quotes whenever you wish to.

One of the downsides to getting multiple quotes in the past was having to repeatedly fill out forms with the same information over and over again. With an online free quote tool, you will only have to fill out this basic information once, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

Everyone wants the same thing from their auto insurance, they want to pay the least amount of money and they want to have a reliable carrier that will be there when they need them. The great thing about using a free quote tool is that you can see for yourself what kind of reputable companies are providing the quotes and you are getting those quotes quickly too.

In addition, by using a quote tool, you can check rates as often as you want without having to speak with a single agent. You should check the rates at least every two years to ensure that you are getting the best rates. Your insurance company is not going to inform you when another insurance company offers better rates, so you need to keep checking on that so that you continue to save money.

Step Three – Discounts: your secret leverage

There is a plethora of different discounts available. Everything from your driving record and credit score to whether you are in school or not and everything else in between can determine what sort of discount you are eligible for. It is worth noting that not all insurance companies offer the same discounts, which is why you should check the various insurers as to which discounts they offer. Another discount is obtained by combining multiple plans.

To ensure a better premium rate take a defensive driver course and choose a higher deductable when you are choosing your coverage, and combine services whenever possible (some companies offer health, life, auto, and homeowner’s insurance, combine as much as possible for a stronger discount). Check online and make sure you understand how much coverage you should carry on your vehicle based on age, wear and tear, etc. You want to get value for your money.


It is not as easy as it used to be to get cheap car insurance; however, many companies are competing for your business and an informed consumer can save a lot more than one who is not informed. Make sure you know what discounts you qualify for and make sure you ask for them. By using the three steps above, you can find affordable car insurance easily and quickly

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