Indiana Auto Insurance Quotes Online Moves to the Big Leagues

July 19, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

The weaker economy has led more and more Americans to become online auto insurance quote shoppers. That has made one large auto insurance company to start helping its agents to get online and assist their clients in getting their car insurance quotes online.

Glenn M. Renwick, president and chief executive of Progressive Corp. (PGR), mentioned during the companys conference call with investors that a majority of people begin their insurance shopping, one way or another online or on the internet and this is how they get Indiana insurance quotes or any other states insurance quotes.

Shares of Indiana auto insurance policies sold by agents with Progressive, as well as nationwide, have been dropping in recent months. However, direct to customer sales via Indiana car insurance quotes online have been growing. In seeing this trend, Progressive joined forces with online marketing experts Group. Via this partnership, agents will get reduced rates for internet marketing services and web site services to gain an online presence.

Progressive believes that half of their agents don’t have an internet presence but 73% of Indiana auto insurance quotes are done online and about 67% close the deal with an Indiana car insurance agent. The trend to buy Indiana car insurance online may be increasing.

The President of, Jeffrey Stibel also said that insurance agents are still in the early innings of setting up web sites. He added that sole agents have more chances of winning business from online shoppers since most IN car insurance shoppers dont go to sites which are operated by insurance providers to buy. What most insurance shoppers do is go to Google, Stibel said.’s President believed that Indiana auto insurance quotes online will be similar to online car shopping where more companies come online because of the increasing number of online shoppers. The smart companies will bring their businesses online in order to succeed.

The number of consumers that choose to shop online for Indiana auto insurance quotes rather than find an offline insurance agent is growing every day. If you want an easy and fast process for getting Indiana car insurance quotes in a few minutes, then this is the method for you. You don’t need to waste time visiting or calling insurance agents any longer. And since insurance companies save money in overhead and commissions by your Indiana car insurance quote shopping online, you get lower premiums. So what’s stopping you from getting your Indiana auto insurance quotes online today?

The internet has made the whole process of getting great Indiana car insurance quotes online a simple process. With so much going on in your life, wouldn’t saving time and money make sense?

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