Inexpensive Car Insurance – Safety Features That Will Help You Attract Lower Rates

March 31, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

For an insurer to compute your rate, a lot of factors are given serious consideration. So getting cheaper rates is all about ensuring that you take steps that make those factors work for, and NOT against, you. In this article, I’ll go deep into safety features and which you should endeavor to have in your car if want to pay a lot less…

Safety features in your automobile reduce the likelihood of claims and, where claims are made, reduce the amount claimed. This means that any insurer who insures you is taking on a good risk. That said, does this make all safety features worth having? You decide for yourself?

1. Airbags: These kind of burst open to protect the driver from smashing his/her body into the steering wheel. Apart from keeping you safer while you’re in a vehicle, it helps cut down your rate.

2. Anti-Lock Brakes: They are known to prevent your wheels from locking if something makes you step on your brake suddenly. This gives you more control in difficult situations and also reduces your stopping distance. Although NOT all states make it mandatory for insurers to give discounts to policyholders who have this feature in their cars, you’ll do well to discuss with your agent if you car has this.

3. Theft-Deterrent Features: Your car alarm and features that allow keyless entries are good examples of these. Thieving rats will generally think twice before going for vehicles with such features.

4. Automatic Seat Belts: Even though we know the law demands that you fasten your seatbelts before driving, some drive without sometimes. However, with cars that have automatic seat belts, you must fasten your seatbelt or else it won’t move. Discuss with your agent if your car has such extra feature.

5. Etch Your VIN. Having your VIN carved on your windows will help deter thieves as this will make it tough for them to resell stolen items.

I know folks who have their VIN etched onto their fenders/bumpers. If you use the right tools it, it will NOT disfigure your ride.

Having all these safety features and also implementing the necessary safety measures will doubtless help you save. But the question is “by how much?” This depends on the insurer…

Different insurers have different relevancy scores for the different factors that are used to determine your rate. This simply means that there will be a huge disparity in rate quotes you get. Therefore, get and compare quotes from a wide range of insurers.

All you’d have to do after your comparison is pick the insurer that gives you adequate coverage at the best rate.

Do you need more tips to enable you get more affordable rates? Then ensure you visit car insurance comparison and compare car insurance. Chimezirim is an established researcher and writer on insurance savings.

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