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August 26, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

If you are attempting to find the lowest cost auto and homeowners insurance, going with a local independent insurance agent is normally your best choice. Although there are many companies that say they offer the lowest rates, independent insurance agents represent multiple insurance companies and have access to policy information from many companies to find you the best coverage at the best price. In these very tight economic times, saving money on your insurance is something that makes sense.

Something to consider when you are shopping for insurance, is that certain companies won’t let you just buy insurance off their website. You will need to work directly with an independent agent in those cases, so to get a complete quote you would need to find an agent you trust. Remember that trust needs to be earned, so get an idea of what is being offered to you before you sign anything.

When the independent insurance agent collects your information they can compare it against all your different options. While they are looking over the different policies available, they are keeping everything unique to you as an individual. Unlike the online “quote” systems that claim to compare insurance, the independent insurance agent will enter your unique data into their system and provide you with true and accurate quotes. This will help you to get the cheapest insurance available.

There is something else to you need keep in mind. The independent insurance agent will also know the rating policies of each of the companies they represent. How much they increase rates for drivers who have tickets and other moving violations. For example, if you have a DUI, some insurance companies won’t cover you, while others will charge you a lot of money. An independent agent though will be able to select the company that has the least amount of penalties to provide you with the lowest cost option for your auto insurance.

Make sure the insurance agent you select is always thinking of your best interests, not theirs or their insurance companies. In every local area there are many insurance agents to choose from. A captive agents will gladly take your money and let you pay whatever their company charges. On the other hand the independent agent will look at options from many companies to make sure they are providing you the best rates and coverage. If they do that, they can expect to keep you as a customer for many years to come.

Don’t ever settle on an insurance agent that pushes you into a plan. This usually means they don’t have your best interest at heart. Keep your eyes open for an agent that allows you time to review your options before you make a decision. If they didn’t think a plan was going to work for you, they wouldn’t have offered the information after all.

When filling out applications for insurance, you should answer every question honestly. Lying or fudging the truth will not save you money and could cause your insurance to be canceled. Remember, most insurance companies use computerized systems that link to data bases that will find information on your driving record based on your social security number and driver’s license information. Trust goes both ways. You want to trust your agent so be honest with them so they can work for you without being concerned the information they are providing their companies is accurate.

It pays to spend some time finding the right insurance agent . Your chance to find that right agent will be easiest when you work with a local independent insurance agent. Take some time to research local insurance agents on the internet or in the yellow pages. Also, ask your friends who they would recommend. Talk to a couple before you decide on the one you think is best for you. You should be confident they can find you the best coverage at the lowest cost. The time you spend will be worth it in the long run.


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