Insurance History and Premiums-Cause and Effects

July 18, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Getting a quote for car or truck Insurance is easy but there is a little known hidden fact about the premiums when you get the quote for your Insurance agent. Premiums are pre determined on the basis of your previous Insurance history and if it is your first policy or if it is your brand new policy ,the percentage offered by the Insurance companies is usually greater than a having a strong history of previous Insurance coverage.

Many will argue that the lack of insurance history should not increase one’s premiums. Regardless, among the many considerations in determining premiums are an applicant’s demonstrated ability to maintain their payment schedule, their proclivity for making claims on their past policies, and their demonstrated clean driving record. A failing in any of these areas will have the effect of markedly increasing your premiums to a much higher rate than you would prefer.

Persons having previous lapsed policies, and are in need to find a new one with better quotes are generally not entertained. Even if it happens, the credit history is checked for timely payment of premiums for the previous policy, so that the new company has some points for consideration.

Though you can find brokers offering high risk insurance covers at best rates for persons with a new driving license, or for a person with lots of traffic violations or accident claims, the fact is ,the initial payment and the deducted amount will compensate the rate offered ,finally summing up for a poor insurance coverage.

So once you have started a policy, be sure to complete it. If you want to establish yourself as a desirable customer, purchase a policy for six months. Drive carefully, _don’t_ get any tickets, and make your payments regularly and promptly. When it’s time to renew, get out the phone book and start checking other brokers. Now that you have a good insurance history, other insurers will be eager for your business. Your original insurer will be reluctant to lose you, and will most likely match any quote you get from another company. Your next six months could end up costing you hundreds of dollars less than your first.

Those drivers who maintain coverage for several years through the same company may not be taking advantage of potential savings that are available to them. Insurance companies are not in the habit of pro-actively offering existing customers lower rates, even if they may qualify for them. On the other hand, competing insurance companies are more likely to offer a potential customer with a strong history better rates in the hopes of getting them to switch providers.

In summary, drivers should be vigilant about looking for the best available insurance rates. In order to ensure the lowest premiums, it is essential to keep up with one’s payments, to maintain constant coverage, and to keep one’s driving record as clean as possible.

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