Insurance For Young Drivers And Civil Law Suits

January 5, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

It is not every day that we buy a car, and though it is a fact that car is a necessity and not a luxury any more, we do not change cars often or go for new ones at the drop of a hat. Moreover, maintaining a vehicle and an auto insurance policy and also the premiums that go with it, are no mean tasks.

In almost every state in the USA, car insurance is a legal requirement. Young drivers often have a difficult time buying car insurance. This is because many young drivers have accidents. They also tend to drive fast, exceeding the posted speed limits. Even though it isn’t easy to find, there are some insurance companies that are willing to write auto insurance policies for young drivers.

If you have a young child who is of driving age or about to be driving age, chances are strong that they are acutely aware and ready to take a vehicle out on the road. Before this can happen, one of the key considerations is an insurance policy for the vehicle they are going to drive in their own name. To find this coverage, you will need to compare the rates and policies of different insurance companies to find one with the coverage that you need at an affordable rate for your son or daughter.

Prior to the insurance company issuing a policy to your son or daughter, they will need to review some information for accuracy and for rating purposes. The insurance company will establish the year, make, model and serial number of the vehicle. They will determine what safety features that particular vehicle has installed. They will also check into the academic background of your child. Good students are often given a discount, because insurance companies feel that excellent students make better drivers.

Apart from what has been mentioned above, the auto insurance companies also verify if the young driver has a good driving history, even if it is a brief one, and whether he has been issued tickets. His insurance policy rate will come down if there is no blemish in his record.

Although some insurance companies will not accept young drivers as customers, there are many auto insurance companies that are willing to tap into this market. They are looking for the best customers for the company, though, and require that the young drivers meet their standards and requirements.

Let us assume that your youngster was involved in a road accident for no fault of his and the mistake was entirely on the part of the other driver. You may claim the payments for the repair works etc., from the insurance company, which will be settled in line with the agreement in the policy.

In addition, if you do not feel that you have been adequately compensated for the damage to your vehicle, or your child suffered some minor injuries, or you have suffered mental anguish due to the accident, you still have the option to file a civil law suit. In the civil law suit, you may try to sue for damages to property or damages for injury. Law suits cost money and take lots of time, so you must be patient to see one through to the end to see justice.

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