How to Insure Your Imported Car

April 2, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

If you have purchased or planned to purchase an imported car, getting the vehicle insured is a priority. However, insuring an imported vehicle can be difficult, frustrating and expensive. But, it’s not impossible. Just be prepared to work hard, ask questions and possibly contact several insurance providers.

While you can often get a good deal on the purchase of an imported car, you may lose the money you save on the purchase price by having to pay higher insurance premiums. That’s why you should shop around and get several quotes to find the most competitive rate. If you are importing a sports care, you almost certainly will pay more for coverage. That’s because sports cars are more prone to crashes.

Most insurers will cover an imported car as long as they locate the VIN numbers. If they cannot locate this registration number, then it is up to you to see if they can find the exact model your car in their look-up table. If that doesn’t work, you will have to see an agent for another company.

Some insurance companies will only insure popular import models and will only insure the vehicles for the market value. Other insurance companies will insure modified imported vehicles as long as the modifications aren’t substantial. If they are substantial, then you will need to find an insurance provider that specializes in substantially modified import cars. Substantial means different things to different people, so this is yet another reason to obtain several quotes from different insurance providers. One provider may rate the modifications substantial, while another provider may not. It is important to ask questions when obtaining an insurance quote.

In addition, some insurance providers will not insure imports that are European versions of a UK car, but with left hand drive. This is something to keep in mind when importing a car and trying to obtain an insurance quote.

Don’t forget to check your car’s security fittings. These are very important for determining whether your vehicle can be insured at all, and also have considerable impact on cost. Not having the proper security fittings

While insuring your import may be time-consuming and expensive, it’s not impossible. Do your research. Ask Questions. Call your importer and ask for their advice for obtaining insurance. And if you are importing a sports car, you can often get insurance at a discounted rate simply by joining a car club. Clubs often make deals with insurance companies for their members about the benefits available to you. Finally, make sure you get comprehensive coverage for your imported vehicle. You imported car is an expensive investment, and it needs thorough insurance protection.

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