Is Liability Insurance Enough Auto Insurance?

January 7, 2018 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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Auto insurance is, without a doubt, one of the most important forms of insurance available today. In fact, it is so important that our government has made it required by law. These laws, however, are rather minimal, typically requiring minimal liability insurance coverage. This is usually enough to protect others from damage to their property, and for possible medical needs. But, in many cases, a complete comprehensive auto insurance policy is a smart choice.

Liability insurance is commonly purchased by many, just to meet the minimal requirements. Liability insurance is essentially insurance that protects others if you’re involved in an accident and are at fault. Liability insurance does not provide any type of damage protection that you may do to your own car. For those of you who drive beat up automobiles, you may not be too concerned about any damage you do to your own car, so liability insurance is often the common choice. It is important to understand that what is required by law in the form of liability insurance is very minimal. For example, you may have coverage that only ensures you up to a certain point. This certain point can be reached rather quickly; some are as low as $10,000. With $50,000 vehicles, not at all the common these days, it’s real easy to reach the stated $10,000 limit. After you surpass that limit, it’s all on you, so to speak. If you do $20,000 worth of damage to someone’s car, you’ll be liable for the remaining $10,000. So, consider your coverage wisely.

The next step up in simple liability insurance coverage is your standard full coverage auto insurance. Full coverage auto insurance is not always that much more expensive than basic liability insurance. It really depends on the specifics involved in your coverage. Things like your deductible, amounts of coverage, and the city in which you live all effect your auto insurance premiums. Shopping for competitive rates can save you substantially. You’ll have to determine how much coverage is best for you and your family.

The importance of having adequate auto insurance coverage cannot be stated enough. Regardless of your advanced driving skills you always have to worry about other drivers. Even Michael Schumacher has to deal with the inadequacies of other drivers. A large number of these drivers are driving illegally and irresponsibly, without proper auto insurance. No matter how well you think you can trust yourself, these drivers’ habits and abilities are out of your control. One way to protect yourself from this is to make sure that your auto insurance includes for uninsured motorist protection. Be sure it does, many full coverage auto insurance policies don’t. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you, if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver. Moreover, it protects you, even against drivers that may not have sufficient auto insurance coverage. A good example of this would be the $10,000 example stated above. So, if you drive a nice car, make sure that you have the proper insurance for the uninsured.

The importance of having adequate auto insurance cannot be stated enough. Liability insurance provides a minimum that meets rather low requirements by our government, but it’s rarely enough. If you’re looking to save on auto insurance you’ll find that the Internet is an excellent tool. You can get a quote from multiple insurers, which well provide you with competitive quotes. So if you’re worried about cost, this will really help you save. Though it’s important to note that all insurance companies are not created equal. Go with a quality insurance company that will be there for you when you need them.

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