Four Keys to Save Money on Insurance for Your Car

November 12, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Its not always possible to save on auto insurance though some companies like to say that you can save 15% or more, if you will just give them a call. Still significant discounts from what you are currently paying are often, if not always, available.

Get price quotes from more than one company. That’s because each insurance company not only has different rates, but also has different ways of calculating your premium. So you need to make sure, when you shop, that you are comparing similar coverage.

The following four areas are things to consider if you want to save money on your auto insurance:

1. Combine Policies – Often you can get the best deal from the same company that insures you in other areas. Check with your homeowner insurer, for example, or your life insurer (assuming they also offer car insurance). They may have preferred rates for current customers. They may also give you a lower rate because you are a long term customer.

2. Associations – Some organizations and groups offer opportunities for special auto insurance rates. For example, the Automobile Association of America is an association that saves its members millions every year on auto insurance. You might also check other associations that you belong to including professional organizations, alumni groups, companies and clubs. Often these organizations offer special discounts with certain insurance companies, obtained through group rates.

3. Behavioral Discounts – Many insurance companies offer special rates for “good behavior.” This might include factors such as a good driving records, and/or low accident rates. Further afield it might also include students with good grades and people that have taken drivers training courses. Every insurance company has a different idea of what constitutes “good behavior” and how that might affect their insurance rates. Be sure to ask what good behavior discounts your company offers.

4. Company Size – The size of the insurance company you use might also have an impact on your rates. Sometimes smaller insurance companies provide lower rates to a certain segment of the population or to people who live in a certain area, in an attempt to expand their customer base. Be sure to include at least one smaller company in your price quotation requests.

In summary, looking around for car insurance can often pay big dividends to your wallet. Since the industry is always changing and company marketing strategies are also changing its worth checking rates every year or two. With car insurance rates increasing every year it never hurts to take a look for the best deal.

If you look long and hard enough, you can usually find a lower rate or a better deal somewhere. Sometimes it doesn’t take much looking. Of course there is something to be said for sticking with a company if its been treating you right. Just be sure you’re not paying too much for that treatment.

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