Knowing The Georgia SR22 Insurance Requirements

October 19, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Following the Georgia SR22 insurance requirements is simple but strict. The state is one of three that offers more serious consequences if you have driving problems. The SR22 is a certificate of insurance that your insurer must file with the state once such insurance is in place. This type of liability insurance denotes the driver’s financial responsibility. Usually, a court will mandate that such insurance be procured and then maintained for a specific time period.

In Georgia, a court can order you to procure and maintain SR22 insurance for several reasons. Such things a DUI conviction, unpaid tickets, many repeated moving violations as well as not having insurance may be the cause for such requirement. Courts frown upon such violations of law and shall require you to have SR22 insurance.

This insurance must be kept current and active for at least a three year period. Exceptions can be made for less or more time depending on the seriousness of the offense. However, in Georgia such time period will usually be for three years. If the insurance at any time becomes canceled, terminated or lapsed this term will begin again anew. It does not matter how little time is left on the original order. It will start from the date the new SR22 form is filed.

If you still continue to violate traffic laws, again you will be required to get SR22A insurance. This type of policy has to be paid upfront for the first six month term and cannot be paid monthly. This is quite costly. If you violate the original SR22 order you will restart the term and be required to get the SR22A insurance. Keep and maintain such insurance

A court may order you to maintain this insurance without regard to whether you have a car or not. Yes, even if you do not own a vehicle, the court will require such insurance. In this case, you need to ask your insurer for a non owner policy. The only time a bad driver can list a non owned car, is if such driver’s spouse owns a car.

Since it is illegal to drive in Georgia without insurance, the state needed a way to follow the insurance status for all the drivers in the state. Because the state can not do such tasks, they placed such burden on you and your insurer. They also shift such cost to you. When one of an insurer’s clients has a policy that has lapsed, canceled or been terminated and the insurance is no longer current on their policy, the insurer notifies the state. This is what makes the SR22 insurance different from normal insurance. There will be requirements for minimum insurance coverage as well.

You must advise your insurer that such requirements are now needed. However, your insurer may not offer such insurance. Because of such requirement, you are a big risk to them. If they do insure you, then you can bet that you will pay a lot more for insurance. The added need to document your status accounts for increased rates as well.

You should follow all the Georgia SR22 insurance requirements to avoid losing your driving privileges or having to obtain SR22A insurance. Keep your address updated with your insurer and state as this requirement is also mandated under Georgia law.


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