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April 6, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

In many states it is a requirement in order to drive that you carry an insurance policy that covers your vehicle. It can be very expensive to have an insurance policy that is full coverage. A full coverage policy covers any damages that are done to the policy holder’s vehicle and property as well as any damage to the other party’s property and vehicle. A liability insurance policy only covers damage done to the other party’s vehicle and property.

Purchasing a liability policy costs much less than a full coverage policy since the insurance agency will only need to cover anyone else’s damage, not the policy holders. If you do not own your vehicle in full you will probably have to carry a full coverage policy until you get your vehicle paid off in full.

If you are still making payments to a bank or financial institution to purchase a vehicle, the bank or financial institution still holds the title to the vehicle so they require that you have a full coverage policy on the vehicle. This is because if you were to get into an accident, they would like your policy to cover the damages to your vehicle so you can get it fixed and continue to drive it.

They know that if you only had a liability policy and the vehicle was damaged to the point that it was not drivable, the chances are very good that you will not be able to make the payments if you are not able to drive the vehicle to your work. Even though it costs more on a monthly basis for a full coverage policy, you will be able to get the vehicle fixed after the accident and should have no problem continuing with the payments.

Finding out the value of your vehicle is a very important part of the decision about whether you should have a full coverage policy or a liability policy. With any policy that you choose you will have a deductible to pay if you are in an accident.

If the deductible is more than the total value of the vehicle then paying for the higher priced full coverage policy may not be a good option for you. If you get into an accident and it will cost more to fix the vehicle than the value of the car then the insurance company will probably total your vehicle out and only cover you for the value.

Even if the value of your vehicle is low you will still be required, in most states, to have an insurance policy on your vehicle. If your vehicle value is low and the deductible is higher than the value than it may be a wise decision to purchase the liability insurance policy.

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