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January 5, 2018 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Matt Hellstrom

With the economy being at all time lows and everyone feeling the pinch, it makes sense to try to lower your every day costs and economize wherever possible. One area that not many people focus on is getting low cost auto insurance, under the mistaken belief that there is little that can be done about car insurance premiums.

There are certain factors that you will not be able to change such as your age and gender or even where you live and work, but you can take advantage of low cost auto insurance by following a few straightforward guidelines that can influence your chances of qualifying for lower rates. The most frequent discount is given for good drivers, those who maintain a good driving record with no traffic infractions or accidents for at least three years. Some companies may require five years, but you’ll need to check with your own insurer.

If you’ve shopped for a car lately, you’ve probably read the various consumer buying guides and are aware that a car’s government safety rating for crash tests can influence the price of the car itself. But it can also influence the insurance rate along with the car’s repair track record. The cost of repairs as well as incidents of thefts and accidents for a particular car model can affect the cost of collision and comprehensive coverage.

A car’s safety rating is not the only criterion for setting rates. The type of car, its sticker price along with your own credit rating can impact whether you can get a low cost auto insurance policy. Even if you have good credit, if you opt for a sleek, pricey Ferrari, you can expect to pay an even higher premium. Obviously settling for a sturdy family sedan would dramatically lower your risk profile.

One of the easier ways to get low cost auto insurance is to raise your deductible. This is the amount that you would have to pay before insurance payment a claim kicks in. Most people think that a $100 deductible is adequate, but in truth you should consider taking a $1000, or at least $500, deductible. This results in a substantial savings even over a short period of 2 to 3 years. You’re better off accumulating the savings to allocate towards your deductible.

You may be able to get a low cost auto insurance policy if you are an infrequent driver or you don’t need your car to get to work. A number of insurance companies will give a discount for low mile usage as long as you can show that you are within the limits. You can also reduce your premiums and see a large savings if you eliminate collision and comprehensive coverage once your car reaches a certain point where the value no longer exceeds the cost of repairs.

If you’re anxious to see if you can obtain a low cost auto insurance policy, you should visit one of the rate comparison sites. You can get an instant quote for just about any vehicle you have in mind. The great thing is that you can change to different scenarios and know immediately what the impact on the bottom line will be. This is a great tool to use in conjunction with shopping for a new car.

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