Low Cost Automobile Insurance — Is It Synonymous With Poor Coverage?

August 1, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Everyone wants affordable auto insurance. However, some go about it in a very wrong way. Bad as that might sound, some people do even worse: They adopt a mindset that is very harmful to their financial security. This article will both look at the wrong mindsets, but more than that, also propose a better way…

Some folks believe that the best way to save is to buy just enough to keep law enforcement agents off their backs. Why is this a wrong approach? The problem with this approach is that the state minimum might NOT be sufficient for your personal needs. You can only know if you have adequate coverage after you have carefully assessed your insurance needs. Going about it without knowing your peculiar circumstance is a sure way to either pay for more insurance than you need (a plain waste of hard earned dollars or get too little (a sure recipe for disaster down the road).

Another thing you should guard against is looking at your auto insurance policy as a necessary evil. While it is true in most states that auto insurance coverage is mandatory, it makes financial sense. It’s smart to pay a little every year to ensure you don’t lose stuff that’s of much value to you

There are a number of folks who’d stick to a third party only coverage. What would you advise if there is a crash and the car is totalled? Wouldn’t such a person wish they had adequate auto insurance coverage to taking out another car loan? Which would personally prefer: Filing a claim to have your car replaced or taking another car loan?

So, it’s certainly a good thing to know why insurance exists in the first place.

Now that you have a better understanding of why you need adequate coverage, here are sure-fire steps to massive savings…

Take sometime out to research tips on how to make massive savings on auto insurance. The links at the end of this article will take you to my sites where I share many time tested tips. And if those are NOT enough for you, I give you links to sites that offer even more tips. As an appetizer, here are few time-tested tips…

1. Your credit score is crucial to getting lower rates so do all you can to make sure it’s excellent. Insurers believe there’s a correlation between bad credit and high risk profiles.

2. Make sure you maintain an excellent driving record and you’re sure to enjoy lower rates.

3. Go for a car that is rated high on safety. A higher safety rating means a lower rate all other things being equal.

4. Get and compare quotes from a wide range of insurers. If you need help on where and how to do it right, I’ll recommend my sites — They are listed below in the resource box.

Do you want to bring down your costs? Here are pages that you’re advised to visit: auto insurance comparison and car insurance quote comparison. Chimezirim owns over a hundred sites that teach you tips to save on insurance.

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