Want More Money for Restoration? Get a Cheap Classic Car Insurance

January 14, 2018 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Your classic car is your baby; you have spent a lot of time and money restoring her so you want the best insurance you can find. You may think that means the insurance must be the most expensive, right. Not necessarily, you can find cheap classic car insurance but you will need to shop around. This task will require specific information, so be sure you have it at hand.

Classic cars are a different breed than your average car; you will need an insurance appraisal in hand. Whether you restored a BMW or a 69 Charger, you will have to show the level of restoration and maintenance through pictures, both of the inside and the out. Take several pictures of your classic car, front, back, and side.

You may not realize this but there is no set definition for the classic car, insurance companies can differ on this and you will want to make sure your car fits into the category for the insurance company you are considering. In some cases, the company will consider any restored older car as a classic; this can include street rods or tricked out rides. On the other hand, you may find the company has decided to use the standard 20 years old and good maintenance as their compass for classic cars.

Many cheap classic car insurance policies will demand that you have a regular vehicle for each licensed driver. They will not offer a classic car insurance policy without this assurance because they want to know that you or someone in your home is not using the car for everyday trips.

Of course, almost all insurance companies require that you have adequate storage for your vehicle. Even though you might never consider leaving your classic out in the elements, they just need to be sure.

You will want to find a policy that allows you to secure your car for a specified amount of money since the value of classic cars can vary and even change should the model become scarce. Your appraisal and pictures will make this task much easier. In fact, you will notice that the more preparation you do before looking for insurance the better your chances for finding cheap classic car insurance.

Find out the limits of coverage for your classic vehicle. If you know that you’ll never take it out on the road for a joy ride and only remove it from its housing for parades and shows, you don’t have to hunt as hard to find cheap classic car insurance. If however, you’re going to take your classic car on the road for an occasional joy ride, make certain that your policy allows that privilege and you still have coverage.

Knowing exactly what type of coverage, you need and the amount will keep your hunt for cheap classic car insurance simple. You will already know what to look for to insure your baby once you begin the search.

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