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Getting an insurance cover is necessary for all driving a car in UK. Everyone has special needs, concerns and preferences and would choose different insurance policies to suit their needs.

There are many ways of going about to get an insurance policy suitable for you. Insurance policies do claim to cover anything and everything under the sun but a particular scheme would have a limited cover depending on your choice and the conditional premium charged.

Motor insurance claims are based on three basic categories. There is a comprehensive insurance cover which covers third party you may damage while using your vehicle, damage to your vehicle by fire, loss of vehicle due to theft. In addition to this a comprehensive cover will insure you against damage to your vehicle in case of an accident. Insurance premium for this category is the highest.

The second category is cover against third party, fire and theft. This is different from a comprehensive motor insurance policy in the sense that accidental damage to your vehicle is not covered in this case.

Third and cheapest option available for insurance in UK is an exclusive third party insurance. This is, incidentally, the minimum legal requirement for driving a vehicle in UK.

To get an insurance you can either get in touch with a broker who can help you pick the best insurance policy suited to your needs or you could get in touch with your closest insurance company directly. A smarter option will be to go to an online insurance marketing company finding the best insurance scheme after comparing rates offered. There are many attractive offers out there and you might get a lucrative deal just by logging on for motor insurance.

You could also try a few tips as you go for insurance to reduce your premium charges. Generally insurance companies include some details in a default format. You may define the number of people who will be driving the car instead of opting for ‘anyone with your permission’, though all may not like to go for this option. Also you may not buy a full European cover for your motor insurance if you are not going abroad to drive.

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