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September 13, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

When you want to transport a car -you would search for the best wheels to ensure protection of your wheels! However choosing the best company isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of the activity since there is a particular issue to be taken into account. When your car is being shipped at a longer distance it is prone to accident or any damage or theft. So what protection laying ahead for you?

To get an insurance for your car is the most effective way to build a shield against your loss. Whenever your auto’s being distributed to any new location either in a domestic or in a foreign locationit’s always advisable to select the auto insurance from the automobile shipping company. The shipping insurance will be offering protection to your car from any damage, scratches, or from theft. Extra insurance offer you with more security when the car is in transit. But there are particular things which must be checked and certified with the car transporters prior to entrusting this job.

There are so many different car shipping corporations that offer variety of insurances schemes and so it’s a necessity for you to test if they offer any excess or first insurance programs. Apart from the regular auto insurance, the primary policies will cover the maximum in case of any damages of the car. So it’s important to get in touch with the insurance firm and check the kinds of the damages which are being covered by the current policy and based primarily on that, a consumer should decide on the vehicle transporter company.

While transporting an antique or a classic car, none of the automobile owner would need a single scratch even on a bonnet! For such special automobiles it’s required to take the extra insurance so the car has a complete coverage. The coverage should also cover the value of the blue book of the auto. It’s going to be better if these special autos are transported by some consultants, who are skilled with transportation of these autos. They usually use the load units which offer maximum protection to larger value vehicles and transport them safely to the required location.

Prior shipping, take few snaps of the car before and get in touch with the inspection officer and note down the damages and scratches on the car, if any. This would help you locate any extra damages to the car which might happen in transit. The best way to protect your car is to book for a shipping insurance but in that case you have to be proactive for making the claim and be sure to get the money if any damage occurs to the car while transportation.

Actually, this isn’t a difficult job for selecting an auto shipping company, all which is required is to get the different shipping quotes and then compare the prices of the different companies. The cost of the insurance should also be compared to save more cash in future times. After entrusting the job to a company make certain that you receive all the paperwork and the automobile is being correctly inspected before the shipping commences. If in case any damage happens to your auto during the transit, you can claim for the damages caused to the auto insurance corporation.

Therefore, to insure your wheels is as mandatory as its protection!


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