Non Owner Auto Insurance: The Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Car

April 7, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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Even if you don’t own a car, you can still purchase auto insurance and this coverage is known as non-owner auto insurance. However you might ask yourself why would I consider buying this type of auto insurance since I don’t have a car?

If an accident occurs while you are driving a rented vehicle, you will be the one responsible to pay for the damages and losses brought by the accident. Your car insurance policy will cover the cost of the damages owing over the policy limits. Purchasing a non-owner auto insurance will protect your assets. If you are the driver when the accident happens, the owner of the rented car may probably file legal action against you to recover some money paid out caused by the accident.

When is the ideal time to buy non-owner auto insurance coverage? If you are living in a city and most of the time uses mass transport but still renting a car more often. You may consider purchasing this type of coverage to help you pay for the injuries and damages when accident happens.

If you are renting a car more often, it is ideal to buy your own car insurance than pay for the coverage every time you rent a car. It is cheaper if you will get your own insurance coverage and the assurance that you will be covered each time you borrow through the rental company. It is also ideal if you are driving a company car. Your employer’s car insurance policy will cover the damage cost when accident occurs however what if the company’s auto insurance policy is not sufficient to cover the cost. Your non-owner auto insurance policy will assists to pay for the damages.

Every insurance company uses different terms on their policies therefore it is important to understand what is on the policy. Keep in mind that there are some policy exclusions. Meaning, there are no policy that will cover all situations. You don’t have to be assumed that you have protection only to find out that you don’t have. Remember to compare non-owner auto insurance online. Once you get the quotes, you have to read and analyze carefully to make sure you understand the policy.

How to find cheap non-owner auto insurance policy? Looking for non-owner auto insurance policy is the same as what you do when you shop for other types of auto insurance. You may consider use the Internet to look for the company that offers non-owner auto insurance and request quote. Remember to get multiple auto insurance quotes to compare to get the best and the cheapest car insurance deal. You may also contact your local agent who can also provide quotes for you. Your family and friends may also help you to find the best and cheapest non-owner car insurance. Just ask around and see if their insurance company provides protection on this type of auto insurance.

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