Protect Yourself From Speed Traps!

August 29, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

If there is one thing that all 50 states have in common, it’s speed traps. It’s a location where police have a reputation for writing an unusually high number of speeding tickets.

There are common areas for speed traps. They can be in areas where there are bends in the road, stretches of road where the speed limit changes often, or where it might be difficult to see the posted speed limit.

Small municipalities like to set up speed traps near an interstate or major highway, where they know it is unlikely that a ticketed driver will return to fight it in court. Law enforcement realize that many drivers will use radar detectors in their attempt to evade a speeding ticket. They will render this method useless by setting up a speed trap where they will time you between two preset points with a stopwatch.

With the use of a stop watch, an officer will calculate how long it takes for a vehicle to cross from one marker to the next. Once the officer has this time on his stop watch, he’ll then use a mathematical formula to calculate your speed. If your speed was above the speed limit, another officer will be radioed further down the road and you (the driver) will be pulled over.

The legality of so called speed traps has been hotly debated for years. Politicians and law enforcement officials alike always sing the same song, that its done in the name of saving lives. They take us for fools, because we all know its to increase the revenue. Increasing revenue is always good to a city’s bottom line.

The bottom line is that these deceptive methods of giving out tickets is unethical and illegal. Using speed traps is literally a billion dollar industry in America.

Protect yourself from speed traps the next time you’re in your car. If you are planning a long (or even short) road trip soon, it’s advised that you know what you may be going up against.


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