Protecting Your Investment: Antique Car Insurance

September 7, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
An antique car can be a huge investment in both time and money, but for many it is a dream come true. Some types of antique car insurance can be very restrictive, so when shopping around for antique auto insurance, make sure that you understand all of the policy and what is covered.

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When shopping for an antique car insurance agency, you will probably want to ask around or at least read message boards on line to get an idea of what kind of reputation an insurance agency may have. There will always be a few people who have nothing but ugly things to say, but if the overall feedback for a company is good, chances are they are a legitimate, upstanding company.

Some antique auto insurance companies have stringent restrictions for what type of car they will register. Many companies will only register a car as an antique car if it has a certain percentage of the original, factory installed parts. Many antique cars today have been restored using replacement parts, new carpet, and new glass and so on. These cars may not qualify for antique car insurance with some companies. Of course there are also agencies that understand about restoration and that you can’t always restore it completely to the original specifications.

One big restriction some insurance companies have once you insure your car with them is that the car must be kept in an enclosed, locked garage when not in use. In addition, some companies may only let you drive a certain number of miles or strictly for pleasure use. The limitations on these cars can be pretty limiting, so you may not be able to use your antique car as your primary vehicle if you insure it with an insurance agency that specializes in antique cars.

Some antique auto insurance agencies may also require an official appraisal and a photo of the car once you do decide to insure it. A few agencies even require the owner or main drive to be 25 or older with a good driving record.

Insuring the car of your dreams can be a little frustrating. With all the limitations imposed on antique car owners by some insurance agencies, it may feel a little like walking through a minefield. If you do decide to insure your antique car with a specialty insurance company, just make sure you understand all the limitations and benefits of the policy before you actually need it.

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