The Reasons Behind The History of Car Insurance

November 12, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

If there is one insurance policy that is one everybody’s lips these days, then its got to be car insurance! Never in the history of insurance has one single policy been so widely accepted, used, abused and talked about. What is it that made car insurance spring up from nowhere and become the most popular policy in the world today? Where did it all start? What were the circumstances that forced policy makers to make it mandatory for car owners to get car insurance done? In this write up, we tty and explore the answers to all these questions.

The oldest documented proof of vehicular insurance can be traced back to the time when the west had started opening its doors to the Chinese. During the times when new colonies were being established along the Chinese coastal areas. A lot of transportation was done along the Pacific and Atlantic oceans from these areas through ships. These ships, containing cargo, would go haywire once in a while. In order to safeguard their ships against untoward incidents, the traders of those times rolled out insurance policies, thus giving air to the concept of vehicular insurance. The concept spread its wings in the coming years and today, the most important form of vehicular insurance is car insurance, as we know it today.

Later, the concept of car insurance got a whole new twist. Policy makers from all over the world got together and decided that owning a vehicle and driving it on public roads (roads, in most parts of the world are considered to be the property of the public) was a privilege.

During the time when various car insurance policies were being drafted, policy makers from all over the world felt that driving a car was not a luxury, since the car owner not only put himself at risk when driving on roads (which are public properties by law), but also third parties who are using the roads for their own reasons. Thus, the policy makers from all over the world started pushing forward laws to make car insurance mandatory for car owners.

Policy makers from all over the world (especially those from the US) were bent on the fact that owning a vehicle and driving it on public property (roads are, by law, property of the public) is not a right, but a luxury and therefore, it became all the more important for car owners to get their vehicles insured. Car insurance was also deemed elementary to safeguard the interests of third parties who might get incur losses during an accident on the road.

Dr. Truman J martin, is said to be the father of car insurance policies in the US. His policy, written in 1898, was the first policy offering liability cover in the United States. This was, however, not the first time that an insurance policy offering liability cover had been rolled out. Three years before Truman had drafted his policy, an insurance company in England had already rolled out a car insurance policy offering liability cover, in 1895.

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