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May 16, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

There are many factors that contribute to the total cost of insurance coverage. One of them is the driving history and record of the driver. Many people didn’t think that getting a speeding ticket would affect the rate of their car insurance greatly. It is already proven that 35% of car accidents are due to over speeding. So it only means that road safety begins in driving safely. When car owners will just follow the proper driving rules, it will be expected that the speeding ticket they receive in the past would greatly reduced and make them safe from accidents. But sad to say, some drivers who are caught speeding in the past months was not able to get away from their habit of driving fast. True enough, they manage to change and follow slow driving for a few months but soon turn back to speed driving.

Research on this topic has been done by various agencies. They show various results. Different trends also emerge from this research. Various people drive with different speeds. Research shows that people who drove following the traffic rules had a less chance of having an accident than those who didn’t follow them. The difference was of the tune of fifty percent. These factors have prompted the law enforcement agencies to be strict on mandatory insurance and is very strict on people who speed. various insurance companies have different plans for various drivers. The rates for drivers with a history of considerably high speed of driving are high. Few factors have to be considered while asking for the cost of insurance with a speeding ticket:

a)People often get tensed when they have a speeding ticket and yet their insurance price is not slashed. One should understand that one speeding ticket will not change the price of the product of insurance you wish to take. There are various limits of speed at different places. These must be strictly followed. There will not be any changes in the insurance price unless one is charged with the breaking of these rules. The season will add to the fact that one is driving recklessly for any reason. This will be surely considered by insurance companies.

2.Your past driving record will also determine the rate of your insurance because even one ticket of speed driving will influence the increase of your insurance dues for at least 27%.

c)One must always take a speeding ticket. This is very advantageous for the person taking it. They offer a point on the purchase of speeding tickets. These points are very helpful for the future.People can collect these points for the future. After the accumulation of points over a three year time span. This can be very helpful in increasing the premium above thousand dollars. People can benefit a lot from this and gain extra money. This is a great facility for all the people buying speeding tickets.

d)Some people have multiple speeding tickets. This can help a lot to that person. People tend to switch from one insurance company to another.This habit is not useful under some cases. One should not change the insurance carrier frequently. This can be disadvantageous in certain cases. One must have a long history of association with the company.This brings with it many advantages. People must take these advantages and make the right choice in selecting the insurance carrier. This would be especially useful for the person.

But it is also good if you find a chance to fight for your speeding tickets. Though there is only a small chance that you could be saved from being issued a speeding ticket, but you can try on the technicality issues. So, there’s no need for you to hire an attorney to help you. All you need to have is a little knowledge and never accept your fault.

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