Reduce Your Car Insurance Overnight With These Tips

January 10, 2018 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

I’m sure that we can all agree that motoring is not as cheap as it once was. But there are still a number of ways you can reduce the overall costs involved. The tips discussed below would allow you to bring down the expense of a typical car insurance premium.

Advanced Training: Most insurance brokers partially calculate the quote depending upon the level of experience of the driver. Most regions of the country have advanced level driver safety courses which can be signed up for. Though they incur a charge, they will help to reduce the amount you spend on your car’s insurance. A broker would be happy to give a better deal to drivers that have taken the effort to improve their skills.

Car Model: What type of car do you own? This will also play a role in the quotes that you are given. The more expensive the car the higher the insurance premium is going to be. To get the lowest deal you would need an efficient car with a small engine.

Safety Features: Does your car have the latest safety features and anti theft devices? This will have a bearing on the cost of the premium. Car theft is at epidemic levels in some urban regions; by installing locking and tracking devices on your vehicle, an insurance company would reduce the quotes given. Also, think about where you park you car at night. Keeping it secured locked up in a garage would be seen in a more favorable light then leaving it parked on the street or in your driveway.

Mileage: There are some insurers that will offer lower rates for drivers that use their cars less. The more mileage you do the greater the chance there will be of an accident happening. If the broker wants an estimate of your annual mileage then always take time to submit an accurate figure as otherwise you may be liable to penalty charges.

Niche Companies: The internet is wash with insurance firms. You could locate a broker that solely provides insurance to people of your demographic group. For example, a newly qualified or young driver may be given astronomically high quotes through the main insurance firms whereas with a niche broker the costs are more affordable.

Use the Same Companies: If you have a number of vehicles then by using the same insurer the overall expense can be brought down massively. It may even be possible to use the same broker for your house insurance.

With so many players now operating in the car insurance market it pays to do as much research as possible before you agree to any terms and conditions.


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