Reducing the Cost of Your Car Insurance

November 28, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
Choosing the car to drive – Your choice of car makes a huge difference to the cost of your car insurance. Before you buy the car make sure that you can get insurance to drive it and at a price you can afford. The greater the car’s power and the greater its specification the more it will cost to insure. Four wheel drive vehicles can also cost more, primarily because they are larger and heavier and if they are involved in an accident, they tend to inflict greater damage on the other vehicles involved. Therefore, please ensure that the car you are interested really does suit your needs – don’t let your heart rule your head!

Type of Car Insurance – The two most popular types of car insurance in this country are third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive car insurance.

The cheapest type of car insurance is Third Party Fire and Theft. This insurs you for the loss of, or damage to, your vehicle by theft or fire. And if you’re involved in an accident, and the accident was your fault, it covers any damage you caused to property owned by third parties. Fully comprehensive car insurance on the other hand insures you for everytghing, including all damage to your own car.

The Excess – The excess is the money you have to pay yourself in the event of a claim. Then any cost over and above the excess is met by your insurer. A typical excess is in the range of £50 to £150. The higher your excess, the cheaper your policy will become, but the more you,ll have to payout in the event of a claim.

Additional Drivers – Only add drivers to your policy who are really necessary. Extra drivers will increase the cost of your insurance especially if any of them are young or have a poor claims history.

Security – Fitting approved alarms and immobilisers is also an excellent way to reduce insurance costs, typically by 10%.

Drive carefully. The cheapest way to keep your costs down is to keep a clean driving licence and maintain a good claims history. provides great deals on Car insurance for its clients in the uk. Please visit our site for helpful information to aid you in making the right decision first time

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