Reducing Premiums On Your 4×4

April 2, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

4×4 vehicles are notorious for having higher insurance premiums than other vehicles. Although it may come as a surprise at first, 4×4 are considered by many insurance companies as a higher risk vehicle. To counter these hazards insurance companies charge higher premiums. There are several things you can do to avoid these higher rates and obtain a more manageable monthly insurance premium. While using these techniques, it is still very important that you shop around for the best quotes you can find.

Since 4x4s stand out more than regular cars, they will end up receiving more vandalism and will get stolen more often. While getting your quote, reassure your agent that you will keep your vehicle out of sight when it is not being used. This may mean keeping it in a garage or behind your home. By doing this it is at a lower risk for incurring damage, so you will be offered lower rates. These cases are particularly common in areas of the inner city.

Drivers looking for lower insurance rates should also try to get some experience by driving a 4×4 beforehand. Luckily this does not necessarily mean you have to own one before you get insurance. Try driving around a friend or family member?s car for a bit to become familiar with the specific type of handling required. While sitting down with your agent you can tell them that you already have experience with such vehicles and are less likely to get into an accident.

If you are a new driver then you should expect to have higher than normal rates as you are a higher risk as you have less time and experience on the road. However if you do have a history you will want it to be as clean as possible. The less tickets and incidences that you have on your record the better driver the insurance company will figure you to be. Insurance agents may look to see if you have gotten any claims bonuses. These are awarded to you after having insurance for a certain period of time without having any claims. A claims bonus will discount your insurance rates, and can be helpful in negotiating lower 4×4 insurance rates. In some cases it may be better not to file a small claim that you can pay for yourself, therefore avoiding the higher costs of insurance rates and deductibles.

The security of your 4×4 will always be looked at before you get a final rate on insurance. Agents will ask what type of features it has and what category the safely standards are. If you have a category 1 or 2 4×4 you can get lower rates. Better security insures that your vehicle will be less likely to be damaged or stolen.

If you are in the military or National Guard be sure to mention it to your agent. Insurance companies offer special rates for these individuals without much hassle. If you are not in the military try to take advantage of the other discounts available to get lower rates. Search around online and compare quotes to find the company with the lowest prices before visiting their company for an in depth policy.


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