You Can Save On Your Current Auto Insurance In Just 3 Easy Steps

October 13, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

The savvy auto insurance shopper today knows that comparison of auto insurance coverage similar to their own is not only a mandate, but is required proof for avoiding overpaying for insurance. In order to make this comparison, the smart consumer knows to ask for the upfront discounts; especially for the student drivers in the household. Did you know that discounts are given for drivers? education and defensive driving courses, as well as, anti-theft devices and having multiple cars insured?

Some types of discounts available include anti-theft devices, good grades for your student driver, driver’s education and defensive driving courses, multi-vehicle coverage and even discounts for purchasing your other policies such as renter’s or home-owner’s insurance from the same provider. Gathering all this information may seem like a hassle but the reduction in your premiums could make a big difference. There are three steps that can help you when comparison shopping for automobile insurance.

But at least you can study trends of different companies in your area from an unbiased source, making useful comparisons that can save you time when you?re calling around. Even if your state doesn?t have a site, the NAIC website contains consumer guides with valuable information to which you may want to refer during your search.

Such variables as bad credit, a poor driving record, even if you smoke could probably result in higher premiums than those listed on the local insurance commissioner?s website. However, studying the trends of different companies in your area from an unbiased source can save you time and help you make a decision as to which insurance company you want to give your business to in your area. If it turns out that your state is not listed or doesn?t have a website, the NAIC website contains consumer guides with valuable information for reference as you conduct your search.

You will also need to make sure you know the coverages your state law requires to insure that you are in compliance. When getting quotes from different providers, make sure the quotes cover the same limits, deductibles, and other important information.

Now that you’ve found the coverage you need, discuss discounts with the providers you have selected. Be sure your quote is the final amount of the premium after discounts. While one provider may offer a separate discount for each eligible item, another provider may offer combined discounts. This does not mean because you are getting three discounts from the first provider and only one discount from the second provider the first premium is cheaper. For example, Provider A may offer a 5% discount for each of three items while Provider B offers a 20% discount because you meet a combination of requirements. You are getting the higher discount from Provider B. Make sure you compare the final premium rate before making your decision.

However, if that one discount offers you a savings of 15% total, it will make more sense to purchase your policy from the second insurer. Take a look at the bottom line (the final premium amount) for a true comparison.

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