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May 28, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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There are a number of ways in which you can protect your car from being targeted unnecessarily by joy riders and thieves. Here are 8 tips that we have compiled, they may seem obvious but it is often little mistakes than can lead to great expense and heartache.

Like the day you forget to lock the boot, or the time you left the car running while you nipped to the cash machine.

Take a look at our list of how to keep your car as safe as you can.

When you park your car in a car park that requires a ticket in order to exit, make sure you take the ticket with you.

Do not leave any possessions on display; when you leave valuables or possessions in your car make sure you put them in the boot and lock it. If you do not have room in the boot try to hide any valuables under the seats. Mobiles, cigarettes, CD’s and bags are all prime targets for thieves.

Always try and park in a well-lit and public place, or in a car park that has a security guard or cameras in order to deter thieves and joy riders.

Always double-check that you have shut all the windows including the sunroof, as it is easy for a thief to get in by using the sunroof. Finally, double check that you have locked all the doors, and the boot before leaving your vehicle.

Never leave your keys in the ignition, even for a moment while you pop into a shop or to the cash machine. It only takes 3 seconds for a thief to get in and drive off.

Have the registration number of your car etched into every window. This will discourage thieves, as it increases their workload.

Look into getting a good steering wheel lock and an alarm this acts as a deterrent as it will delay a potential thief. Also, many, insurance companies will give discounts on your premium if you have a quality security device fitted.

If you park your car in a driveway at night, it may be a good idea to invest in some good gates or a removable bollard.

Don’t use your mobile when driving.

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Willie James is a car insurance expert of CAR INSURANCE NEWS agency. His job is to analyze auto insurance information and publish different reviews for Federal Insurance Bureu (FIB) in Moscow, Russia.

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