Saving Money On Your Car Insurance Rate Quote in Canada

October 30, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

When was the last time that you took time to thoroughly review your Canadian car insurance policy? For most people, it was far too long ago. As a result you may be under-insured or paying too much for car insurance. The following ways may help you to save some money on your insurance needs.

Start the process by doing an evaluation on your current insurance needs. Persons that have only the state minimum amount of car insurance may be surprised to find that they are often under insured. Take a moment to stop and think about the costs of an automobile accident. In addition to your own vehicle, you could be responsible for the other vehicles. Today, new vehicles cost two to five times some provinces minimum amount of car insurance. The courts could find you liable for any amount your insurance company does not pay.

Additionally, you may be responsible for medical expenses related to injury or death of the occupants of the other vehicle. Again you may find that your province does not require you to have enough insurance to meet lost wages or a serious injury in an accident.

If you are looking to save money and your vehicle is several years old, you may want to drop all insurance other than liability insurance. The rule of thumb is that the owner of a car that is valued at less than two thousand dollars, should not carry full coverage insurance on that vehicle. The owner will pay more for insurance each year than he or she will get back in an insurance settlement even if the vehicle is totaled. You are better off putting the premium difference in a savings account.

After deciding the amount of insurance that is needed, you will want to contact several companies that sell insurance to request a car insurance quota. Tell the person you deal with what your requirements for insurance are and ask for a free quote. If you are asked to pay fee for an auto insurance quota, move on. You will find plenty of agents or companies that will be more than happy to provide the free quote.

Many customers use the internet as an excellent way to get a free rate quote. Those quotes can then be used for the comparison. Another advantage of the internet is that you do not have to deal with pushy insurance salespersons that put high pressure on you to buy their insurance when you only need a quote. This method also keeps you from having to wait for the agent to call back with the quote and gives you the quotes in a format that will allow for easily printing the quotes for review.

When changing insurance policies be sure that the new policy will take effect as soon as the old one expires. Provinces are cracking down on uninsured motorist and you could have to pay a fee if there is a lapse of coverage for car insurance.

Many provinces in Canada now require that the insurance companies notify the state electronically when a policy ends. Some provinces then send an automated letter requesting proof that your insurance did not lapse without a replacement. There may be sever consequences if the policy does lapse.

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