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December 8, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Insurance is both necessary at times and often mandatory by law. If you drive, you should have at least a legal minimum of insurance. If you have a mortgage on your house then you would need to maintain some insurance even though the house is in fact owned by the mortgage provider. If the vehicle you drive is being paid for by finance then the finance company may set a certain level of insurance, otherwise the legal minimum is required. You should be sure you find and take out the best level of auto insurance for your own circumstances.

With auto insurance, the minimum part of the insurance by law is to pay for third party claims, where another car, person or property is involved and you are held responsible. Third party only insurance cover is the cheapest type of auto insurance but it will not cover your own car or yourself, only claims by third parties against you. If on the other hand the accident is caused by someone else, then any damage to your car or to you should be covered by their insurance policy. If you crash your car into an object like a wall or tree though, you will be liable for the cost of repair yourself.

If you really want to get the cheapest insurance available there are one or two things you need to think about. How old your automobile is? If you had an accident would it be viable financially to repair it? It is possible a vehicle under say $2000 may not be worthwhile saving. It is possible to find car insurance policies that would pay the full market value of the car or even the actual replacement cost of it. A car is usually classed as a right off by the insurance company if it is going to cost more to repair it than it is worth. These days $2000 does not pay for a lot of repairs particularly with many cars having expensive plastic panels and paint jobs.

You would probably need a higher level of cover if you had a more expensive car. The last thing you would want is to have an accident and then discover you had no vehicle until you could afford the repairs. Often with better auto insurance cover your expenses and even a hire car can be covered. So you really should discuss the car insurance cover with your family or whoever else is going to be involved with it and decide what level of cover you require.

You should of course always get as many quotations as possible when looking for auto insurance. Insurance companies will want your business as they will hope you stay with them for many years so be sure to try and get a good rate. There are many factors they will take into account such as driver ages, experience, location, number of miles to be driven, and previous driving record. It is still possible to get a better deal by checking enough companies though.


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