Security Items That Will Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

August 9, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

There are many things that might affect your car insurance quote while shopping for the best premium price. The vehicles make and model are one consideration. Of course your driving record and your age will be considered as well. You may not know that having a security device installed on your car will reduce your rates.

A good security device installed on your vehicle can save you hundreds of dollars on a full coverage car insurance policy. The most competitive rates are given to those individuals who have anti-theft devices installed on their cars to protect against theft.

Owners of older make cars will be placed in a higher risk category for theft. The older cars are less likely to be equipped with anti-theft devices; therefore they are an easier target for thieves. This will increase your policy by a good percentage. The easiest way to protect your policy from hikes in the policy price is to equip your vehicle with a security device. Not only will you save money on your policy, you will be protecting your vehicle as well.

If your car is equipped with a locating device you should expect to benefit from large discounts on your automobile insurance policy. Locating devices are easily installed and are not be visible on the car. In the case that the vehicle is stolen the locating device will let law officials locate the vehicle and in many cases not just retrieve the car but thieves as well. The locating device will transmit signals that show the location of the car. The location devices are designed to work where ever you are, even internationally. The location devices have been life savers for hostage, kidnap or car jack situations.

Criminals want an easy grab; if your vehicle does not look like an easy steal it will be left alone. An installation of a steering wheel brake or column collar will deter most thieves. Anytime you make it more unlikely for your vehicle to be stolen the insurance company will offer you lower rates.

An alarm system should be installed on the car even if you have a tracking device or other security deterrence device installed. An alarm system will sound when a thief tries to enter the vehicle or mess with the locks. You want to draw attention to the car and the thief near it; this causes them to flee, leaving your vehicle safe and secure.

The insurance rates will be reduced according to how much protection you can offer against theft. Parking in areas that offer CCTV cameras greatly reduces your chances of having the car stolen or being attacked. If you are parking while it is still daylight keeps in mind that you may not be returning to the vehicle after dark.

Ensure all doors are locked and any security devices are in place before you leave the car. Never leave the car unlocked or keys inside.


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