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July 3, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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You are able to get some great motor insurance deals if you go online and allow a specialist broker to find deals for you to compare. A broker will have access to some of the top lenders in the UK and can deliver them to you quickly along with the key facts needed for you to be able to make a comparison.

All motor insurance deals vary, insurance companies will add in different things to entice you to go with them for the insurance. Therefore it pays to not only compare the cost of the premiums but also what the policy entails and what is and is not covered. Of course this is usually when you choose to take out a fully comprehensive policy. A fully comprehensive policy will cover a wider range of eventualities than third party fire and theft or third party only does. So the number one way to save money and get the best car insurance deals is to check cost and content.

A fully comprehensive car insurance policy will cover the policy holder and the third party. It would pay out for any repairs that needed to be done to the cars and you would also be covered for medical and legal costs in case you needed it. The best fully comprehensive policies will provide you with a courtesy car if your car is off the road and it could provide very basic levels of breakdown assistance if you look around. If breakdown assistance is not included then some insurance companies will give you the opportunity to be able to add it in for a very small sum. Of course you would also have all the cover that third party fire and theft includes such as insurance against fire and theft. Comparing with several car insurance companies is essential when thinking of taking out fully comp. This level of insurance is needed if you buy a brand new car or if you buy a car over a certain amount.

Fully comprehensive is the most complete form of insurance but it might be out of reach for younger drivers. Younger drivers get penalised due to their inexperience on the roads. While there is nothing they can do when it comes to a lack of experience, they can do things to keep down the cost of insurance. The choice of car is one way to make savings, choosing a car of moderate size with a reasonable engine size will go a long way to keeping down the insurance premiums. While a sports model might do a lot for the image it will break the bank with the cost to put the car on the road. Younger drivers can take advanced driving lessons and they could also consider taking out third party fire and theft for their car.

Third party fire and theft motor insurance deals will not provide as much cover for the policy holder’s car but it will cover the cost of repairs and medical costs to the third party. It would also pay the policy holder if their car should be destroyed or damaged in a fire and if the car should be stolen. Third party fire and theft policies can be very reasonable in cost for the younger driver who has bought their car second hand for low cost. You could also consider a third party only policy, this policy would provide cover for the third party only but would not provide any benefit at all to the policy holder.

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