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July 1, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

The media is full of advertisements for auto insurance. Being able to get a quick quote has become very poplular. Before you decide to attempt your car insurance quoting endeavor, check out the five steps below to get the best quote:

1) Car insurance is a major purchase for most households and as such it is wise to do some shopping around before you make a choice. There is a lot of competition in the car insurance market, with a lot of companies wanting to give you a quote. You will want to make sure to get at least five quotes you can make comparisons from before making a decision.

2) Car insurance quotes are based on the information that you provide during the quote process being accurate. If the information that you give to get the quote is not correct, it is likely the car insurance company will find out when writing the policy and the price you were quoted will be affected. It is important that to obtain the most accurate quote, you must be sure to enter the most accurate information.

3) When you get a quote online, you will often be contacted by a salesperson by phone. Don’t succumb to the pressure to accept the quote at this time, as they will probably push you to accept. Let the salesperson know you are shopping around, and will not be making a decision until all the quotes are in. It may seem like a great price to you at the time, but you may be surprised that it is not the best when the other companies get back to you, and it would be too bad if you had already made a decision. Also, letting the salesperson know you are shopping around gives them incentive to compete for your business, and try their best to give you the lowest possible price.

4) After you have submitted all of your information to at least five companies and received your car insurance quotes your research really begins. Take a look at your list and narrow it down to the best two possibilities. Think about what aspects of your insurance plan are most important to you. Using that as a guideline research and compare your two finalists to see how they stack up.

5) Finally, you are in charge of your insurance. Don’t let the insurance companies try to pull a bait and switch tactic on you. Make sure that you are getting the services you agreed on at the price you were quoted. They may try to mix things up a little to see if you are paying attention.

Remember that as the customer, you are the one in control of your car insurance purchase. If after following the steps, you are not happy with the rate or service you receive, then there are many other car insurance companies out there that will be happy to have your business. Just follow the five steps outlined above to get the best possible policy and price.

Graham McKenzie is the syndication coordinator for a leading South African Insurance comparison portal, which includes the top insures like Dial Direct Insurance.

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