Smart Steps for An Affordable Oregon Auto Insurance Quote With a Teen Driver

November 25, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Before you know it you find yourself looking for a new Oregon auto insurance quote and you need to add your own teenager to it. The increase can be quite surprising. It’s not at all unusual to see that your OR car insurance quote has risen by 50% to about 100% from what you’ve paid for several years. When you get that kind of increase it can make a big dent to your budget. While there are several reasons why this happens, you don’t need to just take it when there are options that can help you lower the increase of your Oregon auto insurance quote.

One of the main reasons for the increase in your OR insurance quote is because the leading cause of death among those aged 15-20 years old are vehicle crashes. Since insurance companies hate risk and paying out for accidents of this type they take steps to counter this. The rates are raised to cover their exposure. While it’s smart on their part it can be costly for you. In reality teens are not very good drivers, spend time on cell phones and stupidly text while driving. All of these factor into why they have more accidents?

There are two areas of concern for teen drivers according to recent studies. The risk of accidents late in the day or at night is common for teen drivers. There have been several states that have made changes to teen driving laws based upon that. And secondly, teen drivers are far more likely to have an accident if they have friends in the car.

What can you do when you need an Oregon auto insurance quote? You have a number of options to decrease the expense. Each one that you do increases your likelihood of finding a more affordable Oregon car insurance quote. Begin by shopping online for several OR auto insurance quotes. By doing this you get a range of quotes from several different companies. This will allow you to get one that will fit your budget. By doing this online, you can spend a few minutes to fill in the form, submit it and have back several quotes to review.

There’s a Good Student discount for those teens with good grades. In order to get it, most companies require a GPA of B or better to be eligible for this discount. For those students that meet this, it’s worth taking time to see if your company will offer it.

A recent option for insurance discounts is adding electronic devices to monitor teen driving on your cars. Several insurance companies have subsidized this project and give you lower Oregon auto insurance quotes as well for getting your insurance through them. If you are interested in this, it’s worth finding a company that offers this program and discount.

Make sure to look into online for a class for both parents and children on driving safety. When parents and teen take the course there’s a discount on your Oregon auto insurance quote as well. It’s likely that you both will learn something by taking the course as well.

It’s not going to be the cheapest time to be getting Oregon auto insurance quotes, you can find ways to cut the increase substantially. Take a little time to get several quotes from different companies and look for all your discounts so that you can lower your bill. Once you’ve done that, hope for a few good years of driving starting today!

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