Some Simple Steps to Decrease your Insurance Excess

April 30, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

If you drive a car and have insurance then you probably want to find a way to reduce your excess. Excess is the money which you have to come up with out of your own pocket if you ever need to make a claim for any reason. This amount can vary widely depending on many factors and some people feel that there is no good way to reduce it. Despite this, there are methods which exist that can help to not only reduce your excess but also reduce your monthly premium.

The most common factor which leads to a high excess is the insurance premium. This is the amount which is paid out each month in order to keep the car insurance. Typically the more you pay out in your premium the lower your excess will be. Despite this fact it is often considered unwise to raise the premium just to reduce the excess. This is due to the fact that in most situations the higher premium over the course of time will far outweigh the cost of the excess should you ever have to file a claim on the policy.

For students, or parents who have children who are students and just beginning to drive, one method which is available for reducing the excess without increasing the premium considerably is to have good grades. Most insurance policies offer a good grade deduction. This is related to the fact that most insurance companies view students who get good grades as students who are more responsible and therefore less likely to have an accident which would result in a claim.

The most considerable thing you can do to help bring your excess down over time is to be a safe driver. While it is understandable that not all accidents that people are involved in are caused by them the vast majority are. By practicing safe driving habits every time you are behind the wheel of your car you reduce your odds of being involved in any form of collision or receiving a traffic ticket considerably. Over time you will be able to prove to the insurance company that you are in fact a safe driver and this can lead to a lower excess.

Another thing that you can do to reduce your excess is to ensure that you are giving the insurance company any information which may lead to a reduced premium and excess. Having children, being married, having a long term job and having a good credit history can all prove to the insurance company that you are responsible. This also leads them to view you as a lower risk which can lead to reduced premiums and excess.

The most important thing you can do to reduce your insurance company is to shop around when you are looking for an insurance policy. There are many different insurance companies and they all offer similar services at different rates. Not only can this often lead you to getting a better insurance premium and a lower excess but it can also help to ensure that you have a reputable insurance company that will be there for you if you ever need them.

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