Specialized Benefits of Collector Car Insurance

August 1, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
Collectible cars can serve as a wondrous treasure, but also as a good investment. As with any investment, an adequate protection in the form of collector car insurance is necessary. Especially since a collectible car is expensive to repair or replace. A collector car insurance policy can protect you financially in case of damage, an accident or theft.

A regular insurance policy will not offer the specialized benefits of collector car insurance. Insurers have specific prerequisites that have to be met before a policy can be written. Three of the major requirements are limits on miles driven per year, age and driving record of the owner and the age of the car. There also is an insistence by the insurance provider that the car is garage kept and well secured when not in use.

Mileage limitations may vary from company to company, generally the limit is 5000 miles per year. However, there are some cases where more miles are permitted. The mileage driven is limited to car, hobby, and show activities for the most part; collector car insurance policies do not permit driving the insured vehicle for commuting or commercial activities.

Another restriction on collector car insurance is the age of the car. Most insurers have set 15 as the minimum age for a collectible car. A few insurers define a collectible car as being more than 25 years old and in rare circumstances as much as 35 years.

In order to qualify for collector car insurance, a driver must meet certain qualifications as well. The overwhelming numbers of insurers require a minimum age of 25 with at least 9 years of driving experience. Some providers also require a clean driving record.

Once the conditions for the collector car insurance is achieved, you and the agent will set an agreed upon value for the vehicle. Unlike a regular car which has its value set by automobile industry standard practices such as a blue book value or fair market value, you are permitted to determine the value of the car at the time of the writing of the policy. The amount you and the insurer agree upon will be the replacement value of the car should it be a total loss.

You can protect your vehicular masterpiece with collector car insurance from many different insurance providers. However, choosing a company that specializes in collector car insurance will give you the best coverage and maximum benefit

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