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Car Insurance student UK


You’re a student in the UK looking for information about car insurance?


Here’s a few tips that could help you save some money


Shop around and buy online. Many insurance companies offer discounts when you buy online, which works in your favour, as its also less hassle on your part. Don’t just go for the cheapest policy; make sure it is right for you. Always compare policies on a like-for-like basis in terms of what each policy covers and check the excesses levels and small print.

Build up no claims bonus. Taking out your own insurance policy will enable you to start building up your no claims bonus. You will then have access to a much wider range of insurers and lower rate premiums in the future.

Buy a car with a low engine capacity (a less powerful engine). Before you buy, always compare insurance premiums for different models you are considering. The cost of the car, engine size, repair costs, and safety track record will affect the insurance premium. Cars with a lower insurance grouping will be cheaper to insure.

Take ‘Pass Plus’. These courses are designed to make you a safer driver and many insurers will offer you a discount. The courses involve further lesson on how to observe potential hazards and driving in adverse weather conditions. This will also serve to lower your premium

Avoid modified cars. Insurers are likely to charge more if your car has been modified in any way. Any modifications – whether it be alloys, body kits, suspension upgrades, and especially supercharged engines – mean the factors on which your premium is based will change and insurers are likely to increase their premium.

Keep your car secure. A professionally installed approved alarm can save a great deal on your car insurance. Parking your car in a secure garage or off the road could save you up to 5%.

Pay a higher excess. If you choose to pay a higher excess (the amount you have to pay towards a claim) you can cut your car insurance premium. If you are a confident in your driving ability and are unlikely to claim then this is a good way to lower your premium.

Low mileage discount. Low mileage drivers will often be entitled to a discount, however never deliberately underestimate your mileage as this could cause problems when you claim.

Appropriate level of cover. Premiums vary whether you opt for Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft or Comprehensive cover. Get quotes for all to see how they compare. If your car is of low value you could save by choosing Third Party cover. Remember that Third Party will only cover you against accidental damage to a third party vehicle, injury to third parties and liability to passengers in the policyholder’s car. Fully comprehensive car insurance covers against accidental damage to a third party vehicle and to the policyholder’s car, injury to third parties and liability to passengers in the policyholder’s car.



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