Fighting Your Traffic Ticket: Don’t Make These 5 Foolish Mistakes

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Over the years I have heard of some pretty awful defense strategies people use to try and get out of a traffic ticket. You cant blame them though. A lot of these individuals were simply relying on so called insider information they heard from a friend.

Below I have listed the top five mistakes you can make when fighting your traffic ticket. I hope you too will see the futility in them and refrain from using these worthless defenses.

Mistake #1- Delaying the Court Trial

Almost every other book I’ve read on traffic tickets advises you to postpone the trial by asking for a continuance. They claim the longer your traffic court trial is from the original infraction, the greater the chance the officer will fail to show up to court on your traffic ticket.

Do not try to delay your date with the traffic court. You will not increase the likelihood the officer wont be there and thus having your traffic ticket thrown out.

Lets say that you do get your traffic court date pushed back. What if the police officer still shows at court?

Then what? Police officers get paid overtime to show up to traffic court.

Mistake #2- Request the Prosecution’s Evidence Before Trial.

Don’t get me wrong, you have the legal right to view everything they plan on using to convict you. Its called discovery, and is useful before a murder trial. But this is traffic court and it can hurt your case.

Requesting evidence before any kind of trial tells the prosecution you are planning a defense. He will see this as a challenge and will undoubtedly prepare accordingly, making your chances of winning almost impossible.

Don’t give the prosecution a heads up that you know anything about traffic court proceedings. Do not contact them prior to your traffic court date.

Mistake #3- Doing a lot of needless research

Who likes to spend their free time at the courthouse researching boring piles of books pertaining to law? Trust me, there is no need in doing this.

Although in some cases it may be wise to look up a certain law and see how it is worded, there really is no need to do it with all traffic ticket trials.

Mistake #4- Going after the police officers credibility

If you go to traffic court with the idea you are going to attack the officers credibility, don’t waste your time. You can forget getting your traffic ticket dismissed. Saying the officer didn’t use the equipment properly, or that he singled you out or any number of other excuses are useless.

Challenging the officers training of a radar gun will always draw scrutiny from the judge. He will take the officers side and will insist you ask the next question.

Its just understood that the officer has the proper training on the speed detecting equipment he or she used to give you a traffic ticket. There’s no question about it. Say you do try this defense, where are you going to get the evidence the judge will ask for to support your claim?

Mistake #5- Showing up to traffic court unprepared.

This may be the biggest mistake individuals make when they try to fight a traffic ticket. They go into traffic court thinking they did their homework, when in reality they had no idea what they were doing, and end up paying the traffic ticket.

Those who did no research go to traffic court with the notion that they can just tell their side of the story and the judge will see things their way and dismiss their traffic ticket. Yeah right!

Its understandable that it can be nerve wracking showing up to traffic court. Just remember you aren’t on trial for your life, its just a traffic ticket. Traffic court is designed to be user friendly because of the volume of people going through there daily.

If you avoid these 5 mistakes you will have a better chance of claiming your victory in traffic court, and hopefully getting that traffic ticket thrown out.


Teenager Auto Insurance Rates

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Finding teenager auto insurance rates is one thing that the parent of every teenage driver probably will have to face at some point. Occasionally, the teenager might even be searching for their own insurance plan. Everyone knows that auto insurance rates can be very expensive right now and insuring a teenager could make things much more expensive. The good thing is there are some strategies that certain can employ to get the cheapest price out there for a teenage driver.

The internet is the better place to start, and finish, your research for the best teenager auto insurance rates. The reason is pretty simple; the best insurance plan rates, regardless of age, are available online. The reason why insurance plan rates are lower online is because you’re working specifically with the insurance company and in turn obtaining prices that are close to inexpensive.

Now, the truth that a teenager is included does matter. First of all, a teenager doesn’t have a driving history, either bad or good. However, the insurance company will think about the teenage driver high-risk and charge a heftier price for insurance plan. On the other hand, this fact could be offset by purchasing an insurance plan online at an almost inexpensive price.

The best place for getting rates for a teenage driver is from a website which will connect you to many different insurance companies who service drivers in your town. These sites are plentiful on the internet and just require that you enter your zip code to allow them to give you specific results. The specific results are the insurance companies that you ought to work with. Once you get these targeted results, take your time, click through to them all, answer all their questions, and receive a rate quote.

Teenager auto insurance rates can be expensive, but if you know where to look you can make sure that you get reasonable rate quotes.


SR22 Insurance: How Can It Help You?

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If you have had license problems, then procuring SR22 insurance is important to you. Here are five good reasons why you need SR22 insurance.

An SR 22 certificate equally aims to keep an eye on how an entity is maintaining or carrying out the auto insurance liability coverage. As a matter of fact, the issue of insurance premiums is interrelated with that of SR 22 certificates. When you have acquired an SR 22 certificate it entitles you to enjoy all the facilities for three years at a stretch without any renewal. During these years you are also bound not to push off from the payments of premiums that have been allocated for you.

Owner certificate:Based on this type of SR 22 certificate, the vehicles owned by a driver gets insured. However, the car must belong to the category of All owned vehicles, or it has to be enlisted in the SR22 list. Operator-owner certificate: It covers up the owned as well as non owned cars of drivers. Operator Certificate: The main objective of this certificate is to cover up the motorist in the operation of any non owned vehicle. This way SR 22 certificate actually benefits the non owner drivers as they can meet the financial responsibility requirements.

This particular form is to be properly filed by the insurance agency or the insurance company which is taking care of your car insurance matters. However when the particular agency or company is carrying on the paper work for SR 22 certificate, it must be made sure by you that they actually are associated with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a must whenever it comes to the issue of auto liability insurance.

Reason 3: Your license has been suspended and you are unable to travel without your license. An SR22 insurance certificate can permit you to get your license back and start driving legally.

SR 22 certificate would be highly useful to you when you would get entangled in a mishap or road offence in which you are truly guilty. In case you are not the owner of the car, you are just operating the car of another owner. It is a predicament for you.

However if you happen to have an operator certificate (a variation of SR22 certificate) it would do its bit to lessen the trouble for you. In case you can not provide any proof of financial responsibility that s a big trouble.

The forms as well as requirements of the SR 22 certificate actually vary from one state to another state. In order to avail the exact facilities of SR 22 certificates you need to know the state specific rules governing its peripheries.


What Is Needed To Satisfy Texas SR22 Insurance Requirements

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What are the Texas SR22 insurance requirements? If this has been issued as a requirement for you it means the state of Texas wants to keep track of whether or not you are maintaining proper coverage on your vehicle. It is usually ordered by the court and from the date of the order you are required to have SR22 insurance for a minimum of two years.

The SR22 is usually ordered after a traffic law has been broken. It may be requested of those who have a DUI, too many tickets, too many traffic violations, serious moving violations or have been in an accident and did not have insurance at the time of the accident. A license that has been suspended or revoked can be cause for a SR22 to be required.

SR22 is a form filed by your auto insurance company. It goes to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The state of Texas is kept informed by your insurance company as to what the state of your policy. It must be kept current at all times. If a drivers insurance policy is canceled, terminated or lapsed the Texas DPS is informed.

If you are currently insured you will need to check with that agency to see if the SR22 can be supported. They must be informed. A new insurance company may be necessary or your current rates may increase. If a new company is needed then shopping around for rates will be the next step, then choosing the company. If you do not own a vehicle you will still need to get insurance. Ask the agency for a non owner SR22 insurance policy.

The form is issued by the insurance company and filed with DPS. The order for the SR22 once given must have proof of SR22 insurance. Your current proof of insurance will not work. The documentation portion is the important part and you will not be able to drive without the exact kind of insurance requested.

In Texas you will need to keep the policy for at least two years. In some cases a longer period can be ordered. It will depend on the offense. If there is a lapse, cancellation or termination the state is informed and you will need to start over. This will mean another two years. It you move to another state you will still need to keep reporting to Texas until you two year period is over. If you are moving to Texas from another state where an SR22 is not required you will not need to get one.

If the policy is terminated, lapses or is canceled then the registration, tags and license may be suspended until the situation is corrected. If you should be stopped, whether or not you have proper insurance will be part of your driving record. Officers will be able to check it without you showing them your insurance card.

To be sure you are following the Texas SR22 insurance requirements first inform the current insurance company, if there is one. If getting a new policy let them know what you need. Keep it current to prevent suspension and keep DPS informed of your current mailing address.

An SR22 filing against you means that there is reason to demand that you maintain insurance for the vehicles you operate. With SR22 insurance, the insurer notifies the state if your policy lapses.

Cheap Insurance For Fast Cars

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Any car lover would tell you that there is absolutely nothing like driving around the city in a sports car. The thought of driving an expensive racing car excites most men and inspires a great sense of freedom and adventure. The rush of adrenalin associated with driving a stylish racing car is unmatched. But sports cars don’t come cheap and usually, neither does their insurance coverage.

Although a sports car fascinates you with it’s dynamism and performance, it’s speed makes it vulnerable to accidents. Even an expert driver can’t guarantee an accident free ride every time at that breakneck speed. And if one has a serious accident without the protection of insurance, then the financial burden on his shoulders can be telling. The hospital expenses for a serious injury can take a toll on the driver’s bank balance if he isn’t financially covered by an insurance policy. Hence, it’s wise to have at least the required amount of liability insurance.

The fundamental principle that decides your car insurance cost is the type and make of your vehicle, but the cost is also based on the kind of driver that you are. A safe and skilled driver will have to pay substantially less for insurance than an adventurous and risky driver. So, taking a safety driving lesson from a recognized driving institute will help you in lowering the cost of your insurance. Furthermore, if you don’t have a history of accidents while driving, then you will be credited appropriately by your insurers for that, too.

One way to reduce the insurance premium for your sports car is to install advanced security devices to protect it from burglars. This can be achieved by installing a kill switch that needs to be flipped for starting the car, visible steering wheel lock, a tracking device and a good alarm system. The enhancement of security is a proof that you don’t take the security of your car lightly. As the sports cars are likely targets of potential thieves, the added security assures the insurance company about the safeguards against theft and helps in lowering your auto insurance rates. Some insurers in the market deal in specialized cars like sports and luxury vehicles. Buying your insurance from them can often get you special deals.

While buying your insurance policy, remember that it is a future protection for your adored sports car and yourself. So, it’s alright if it takes some time in coming across the right kind of coverage. The background check of the insurance company is a prerequisite. You should also look into how quickly they have settled past insurance claims. Additionally, compare the insurance quotes of various insurers. Sometimes, what might appear cheaper at first glance may actually offer appreciably lesser benefits than another insurer. Go through the fine print of the policy in details. When searching for insurance coverage, you may get some good deals online that are not being offered in the market. Once you have the coverage that your exotic car deserves, you can experience the extreme pleasure of owning and driving your elegant sports car.

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