Are there any car insurance companies that don’t use a social security # when determining your rates?

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♫♪~♥ Golden Lover ♥~♪♫ asked:

I think it is horrible that they base car insurance rates on your credit history. Having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad driver. If they are worried about you paying the bill, why do they make it HIGHER if you have bad credit? Isn’t that a little messed up?

Are there any companies that don’t do this?

Car Insurance Deductibles in a Down Economy

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Many consumers are looking to cut household expenses any way they can in these uncertain economic times.  The first place most households often look is car insurance premiums.  To clarify, a car insurance premium is the amount you pay to the car insurance company on a regular basis (ie monthly) so the car insurance company will fix your car in the event of a car accident.  Car insurance can be considered a necessary evil.  No one likes paying for car insurance.  You have to pay for car insurance when you don’t use it and when you finally need it; car insurance companies make it a major hassle to obtain your money from them to fix your broken car. 

One of the most common ways to reduce your monthly car insurance premium is to increase your insurance deductible.  What is a deductible you ask?  A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of your own pocket in the event of a car insurance claim (i.e. a car accident that is your fault).

As tempting as it may seem to raise your car insurance deductible to reduce your monthly insurance payment, you need to evaluate your financial situation first.  For example, ask yourself, “If I raise my deductible from $1,000 to $2,000 do I have the $2,000 deductible set aside in the event I get into a car accident?”  If the answer is no, you may want to postpone raising your car insurance deductible until you save $2,000 and can comfortably put it aside.  If the answer is yes, you still need to consider your car driving habits and your risk of a car accident.

Your car driving habits can alter your car insurance expenses significantly.  If you are a safe driver and can go a long period of time without getting into a car accident, raising your deductible may be a smart move.  If you are not a safe driver and you frequently get into car accidents, raising your insurance deductible may not be worth it.  The longer you go without getting into a car accident, the more money you save on car insurance expenses.  If you get into a car accident shortly after raising your deductible, you may end up losing money.  Let’s look at an example.

If increasing your deductible from $1,000 to $2,000 decreases your monthly car insurance premium by $25, then it would take 40 months (starting from the date you raise your car insurance deductible) for your monthly savings to cover the $1,000 increase in deductible (40 x $25 = $1,000).  So that means if you have an accident during those 40 months, you are better off keeping your deductible at $1,000.  With your driving record, can you go 3 years and 4 months without a car accident?  If not, you may want to reconsider or change your driving habits.

So, you are a great driver and fully confident in your ability to go 3 years and 4 months without a car accident.  Too bad it’s not that easy and too bad we don’t drive on roads without other vehicles.  You also have to consider other drivers on the road.  We all know there are plenty of dumb drivers on the road.  Due to congestion and higher population, there are a larger number of morons on the road in the city than in the country.  Your chance of getting into an accident in an urban environment is a lot higher than in a rural environment.  So carefully take into consideration where you live, work and play before you raise your car insurance deductible.

Is raising your car insurance deductible right for you?

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By: Charles Barnes

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Charles is a car insurance enthusiast who wants to help you prevent the mistakes he made.

When changing car insurance companies, do you have to have your car certified? PLEASE ANSWER?

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Those We Do Not Speak Of asked:

The car is already insured and has been for several years. I had in certified when I first got the car and it’s first insurance policy with me. I have moved and am in a part of the country my insurance company does not cover and am in need of a new company. Do I have to have my car inspected and certified by a mechanic before hand?

I asked this question in the proper section but no one answered. I know there will be someone here to see it that might know.

Thank you.

Is it normal for Car Insurance Companies to take your car after filing a claim?

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Jeremy asked:

Basically I was in a car wreck, I filed a claim against the other driver’s insurance company, they agreed to pay me the face value of the car instead of repairing my vehicle. Today they called and are talking about wanting to pick up the car and the title for my car in exchange for the payment.. Is this normal? They never mentioned that I would have to give them my car.

Car Insurance for Teenagers – What You Can Do to Lower the Rates!

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As a teenager who has just gotten your driving license and currently owning a car, you must be stressing yourself out trying to find cheap car insurance for teenagers. This is because you do not want to burden your parents with the rising prices of the insurance. You might find it hard to locate cheap insurance as those available for teens are usually higher in price and due to lacking of driving experience. However, there is nothing to worry about as the steps will help you to get cheaper car insurance without burdening your parents much.

Most teens are still studying, either in school or college. If you are a student, try getting good grades and you will be rewarded with cheap car insurance for teenagers as most companies do offer discounts for students who excel in their studies. Try to go for tuition classes if you are weak in studies to keep up your grades.

Most insurance companies do accept certain defensive driving courses as a factor in determining their rates for customers. Since teens do not have sufficient experience in driving, consider taking up defensive driving classes which is approved by your respective insurer to improve the quality of your driving skills.

Next, you must always practice safe driving in order to be eligible for cheap car insurance rates for teenagers. There is usually a certain level of recklessness in teens’ driving due to their curiosity and attitude that loves challenges. This makes insurance companies do not have faith in providing lower rates for teens who are always being regarded as high risk drivers. If you are able to prove to your insurer that you are a safe driver by maintaining a clean driving record, you will be rewarded with cheap car insurance.

Since you are still a teenager, you do not need to drive expensive cars with high horsepower. Although these types of cars are more attractive, they are more likely to be a part of accidents and are susceptible to being stolen due to their high risks nature. Try getting an inexpensive and solid car which is able to lessen your risks of involving in accidents and car thefts. You can also choose to install safety and anti-thefts devices into your car to protect it further from damages and being stolen.

Finally, try to reduce the time you spend driving as well as car mileage is an important factor in determining your risks, which will contribute to cheaper rates if you drive with low-mileage. High-mileage will put you in higher risks and lower your chances of getting cheap car insurance for teenagers.

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