Do You Need Car Rental Insurance with Women’s Car Insurance?

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Even if you own your own car, rental services are sometimes essential for given situations. You might be going on holiday or taking a big trip which your normal run-around vehicle just couldn’t handle. Whatever the situation, if you are offered insurance on your car rental, just take a moment before signing on the dotted line, you may already be covered with your women’s car insurance.

Duplicate Insurance

A lot of women’s car insurance companies are very comprehensive and therefore if you are renting a car for hire the insurance may already have you covered. Buying duplicate insurance is expensive and totally unnecessary, particularly if you are insured with a women’s car insurance specialist which is likely to give you better cover than the standard policy offered by the car hire company.

This is particularly useful if you want to save money whilst abroad on holiday but it is always worth checking before you go away how comprehensive your cover is. Not all women’s car insurance is valid for rental cars outside of the EU for example, so if you are travelling further abroad make sure you check your policy.

Credit Card Insurance

Even if you don’t own a car but do need to hire a rental for a couple of days, there are other avenues outside of personal women’s car insurance that can help you avoid paying a premium price with the rental company. If you have a credit card then somewhere in the small print there’s probably a bonus about being covered for car insurance.

Different credit card companies have different regulations, some offer the service for free and others charge a small surcharge for the privilege. It’s possible that you have been paying for the bonus without taking advantage of it, so now is the time to check with your bank. Unlike being covered by a fully fledged women’s car insurance policy however, your credit card is only likely to cover you for a small basic model, so if you’re going to hire a smarter car, you will need to buy separate insurance.

Car Repairs

If your car is in the garage for a lengthy repair, then car hire is a necessary alternative for your travel arrangements. A number of women’s car insurance policies will pick up the tab not only for you to be insured on the rental car but to rent the car outright whilst your vehicle is being repaired. Don’t pay through the nose whilst your car is being patched up, check with your insurance company to see if your car rental is complimentary.

By: Kim chambers

About the Author:

Kim has 2 years experience writing articles for car insurance for women. She also enjoys writing articles on various other subjects.

Do I need to be on my parents car insurance policy to drive it for a day?

October 9, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · 11 Comments 
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john d asked:

I am over 18, and my parents live in my home. I do have a license, but don’t own a car as I take public transportation. Do I need to have auto insurance to drive his car for a few days? As in do I need to be put on the policy for just a day or two or is it alright? Assuming I don’t get into any accidents or get any violations?

What if someone hits my car & says she does not have her car insurance policy with her?

October 8, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · 9 Comments 
car insurance
chick asked:

She rear-ended me when we were stopped at a red light. She said she’s covered under her Father’s policy, but she didn’t have the policy info in her car. She didn’t give me her parent’s info. Would my insurance premium go up even though I was not at fault?

Classic Car Insurance For Motorists

October 1, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance · Comment 
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The following article will give classic, vintage car buffs the low down on the actual differences that exist between classic car insurance and standard auto insurance. If you love and own classic cars and are busy looking for the best insurance deals available, this article not only gives you the right information you need, but also busts a few popular myths regarding classic car insurance as compared to standard auto insurance.

Many owners of vintage vehicles assume that the only way to insure their collector car is to put it into the family auto policy. That’s not true. The only policy that properly insures the investment car buffs have made on their prized classic car is the classic car insurance policy.

Classic car insurance is less expensive than standard auto insurance, but these companies require you to fulfil a few necessary criteria before you can qualify for their programs and get those great deals and low rates. Here are some of the primary restrictions vintage car owners have to face:

Before you get that good rate on your insurance coverage, the insurance companies will want to know the age of the driver (as many companies require you to meet a certain driver’s-age restrictions), the mileage of your car ( there may be mileage restrictions to meet also), vehicle age qualifications and housing and garage provisions.

In many cases, insurance policies for classic car insurance and those for standard auto insurance can differ a lot. Most standard auto insurance policies will insure the vehicle for its current price, subtracting depreciation. What this means is that, with an increase in the age and usage of the car, its value will decrease. But this is not the case with a vintage vehicle. For this, its value will increase over time provided the collector maintains his vehicle well. This is due to the fact that collectors truly treasure their precious collectible autos. They are not used for similar purposes as daily-use cars and are not driven very often.

To provide the necessary coverage in such a situation, classic car insurance providers usually offer an “Agreed Value Coverage”. This essentially means that you, the insured, and the classic car insurance agent, will agree upon the value of your vehicle up front. Such a vehicle valuation will give the full market value of the classic car as stated on the policy and factor in appreciation to the value in a time of loss.

There may also be some carriers that will offer low or no deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage. Many times they will also provide coverage for spare parts or accessories that are not on or in your classic car. You won’t get that kind of coverage on your family auto policy.

As you see, getting a classic car insurance policy can be much more beneficial to your prized classic car than clubbing it under your general family auto policy. A vintage collectible needs to be treated specially; so why settle for the ordinary when it comes to choosing insurance?

What can I do if I was dropped from my car insurance?

September 29, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · 11 Comments 
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karat720 asked:

I got a letter today, saying that my car insurance policy will be terminated near the end of October, less than a month from now. This is because of a minor accident last December and a recent speeding ticket that I just finished traffic school for. What are my options? Are my rates going to be sky high with another company because of this?

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