Is the car insurance policy invalid if the driver forgot to report the conviction?

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The car insurance policy is automatically renewed. The driver forgot to report to the insurance company that he had a speeding conviction before the renew date. Does that mean he has made his policy invalid and would not protected by the policy at all?

Holidays and a Short Term Car Insurance Policy

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by Amy Nutt

When many people go on a holiday, they will often use a car that is not their own in order to get a more personal experience of the destination area. Sometimes these cars turn out to be not very reliable. They can be either old or have mechanical problems. If you are using a car that is not your own when you are on a holiday, there is now short term car insurance that you can purchase.

Short term insurance is insurance that you purchase by the day or up to 11 months and 30 days. Anything longer than that then the insurance becomes an annual policy. There are several companies which offer this type of insurance for cars or vans. This type of insurance is often used when renting a car while on holiday or adding another driver to the vehicle.

Short- term car insurance policies cover you while you have temporary use of a vehicle. Coverage can start on the date agreed upon or immediately. Cancellation of short-term insurance policies is usually completed with a written request to cancel the policy.

The benefit of having this type of insurance is that you can select short term insurance to insure a car or van that is a separate insurance policy that does not impact on the vehicle owner’s annual policy in the event that you have to file claim. You will also have the benefit of breakdown coverage for the set period of the short term insurance. It does not take long to acquire this type of insurance and the process of securing the insurance is simple. As well, the policy one obtains can include multiple cars that are used on a temporary basis. Short term policies can be acquired even if one has a long term car insurance policy and will not affect that policy.

Short term car insurance is paid as a monthly premium, or you can pay the total amount before you go on your holiday. The amount you pay will depend on the coverage that you want. There are many online companies that sell short term car insurance. You can purchase the insurance through the secure payment process and print off the short term insurance policy. The insurance offered can vary among insurance providers so you should shop around. The policy you purchase should include liability insurance personal injury and property damage. Comprehensive insurance is a popular choice for many people. The insurance you purchase may possibly include roadside assistance and medical coverage. The cost is much cheaper than renting a car. Short term car insurance policies normally do not include coverage for repairs.

Acquiring short term car insurance when you go on your next holiday will allow you to use someone else’s car with comprehensive coverage so that if you have to make a claim, it will not affect another persons insurance. If your plans require the use of another vehicle that is not your own, then short term car insurance may be the right solution.

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Can i start insurance on a new car with a new insurance provider before the current policy runs out ?

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Pinsentry asked:

My current car insurance policy runs out at the end of the month and I will not be renewing with them. I am getting a new car approx 2 weeks before the expiry date. Can i start the insurance with another company and ‘overlap’ the insurance ?

Car Insurance Tips: Understand your Coverage

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While driving can be a great deal of fun, shopping for car insurance is most assuredly not. Nobody rushes out the door in the morning anxiously awaiting the moment when they can start shopping for the best car insurance policy. Even though shopping for car insurance is not fun, however, it is important, and it is vital for everyone who drives a vehicle to have adequate protection in place. 

When it comes to car insurance, many of us simply look for the lowest premium we can fund, but it is important to consider not only price but coverage as well. After all, the whole purpose of car insurance is to ensure that your assets are protected in case of an accident, and the accident scene is not the place to find out that the coverage you purchased is not adequate.

It is important to look carefully at the minimum coverage mandated by law and determine if that minimum coverage is really adequate in the real world. It is important to look around at the value of the vehicles around you and make sure that the liability coverage on the policy will cover the cost of the majority of those vehicles. If your neighborhood is crawling with Rolls Royces and Jaguars, you may want to consider upping that liability coverage to a more realistic level.

It is also important to determine exactly what is and is not covered by that insurance policy. Many drivers do not look at the exclusions and limitations of their policy until after an accident has taken place, but the time to do so is at the beginning. It is important to carefully read the fine print in order to determine exactly what is and is not covered.

For instance, travelers will want to determine whether or not the policy covers damage done to rental cars. Many policies automatically extend coverage to any car the insured person drives, whether that car is owned by another individual or a rental car fleet. This knowledge can help the traveler save a bundle by declining the coverage offered by the rental car company.

Drivers will also want to make sure that their policy covers other licensed drivers who may drive their car from time to time. If there is any question on this subject it is important to clear it up before anyone else is allowed to drive the car. And of course no policy will cover damage done by an unlicensed or uninsured driver.

Those drivers who plan to use their car for business will also want to make sure that the car insurance company is aware of that use. Some insurers will charge extra if the vehicle is used for delivery or other business purposes, while others may provide no coverage for business use at all. It is important to read the fine print and ask the agent if necessary.

When it comes to insurance the exclusions can make all the difference. It is vital for every insurance shopper to focus not just on what is covered but what may not be covered as well. Knowing which actions are not covered by insurance will help drivers and car owners tailor their activities to provide the most protection at the least possible cost.

Hick-ups In Car Insurance Policies

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It is almost everywhere that we hear that having insurance is a good thing. We are even brought up on the fact that having insurance is the smart way of doing things. We are made to believe that with insurance, we are somehow protected in some sort of bubble. Any financial risk from accidents, injuries all the way to repairs etc will be magically taken care-off by the insurance companies. They don’t tell you that buying car insurance itself could be a financial risk. This is especially so if they decline your claim or make it difficult for you to get your car repaired. Car insurance policies aren’t the godsend that many people think they are.

In this article we will have a look at car insurance policies and why it is very important to fully understand what is on the table before even committing a cent to it. It is a sad fact that the majority of problems arise from a misunderstanding of the policy between the insuree and the insurer. The insurer will provide policies, however is normally very careful that they aren’t taken for a ride by insurance fraudsters. They will set-up little escape clauses that you as the insuree have to be very careful off. The problem is that different insurance companies have different escape clauses. Let’s have a look at some common practices of insurers to either deny your claim of get you to pay extra for something that you don’t need.

When it comes to trying to escape their obligations, the most obvious way that car insurance companies do it is to flat out deny your claim citing whatever reasons that they can think off. For many customers this can be a very devastating moment as they wouldn’t have even thought that this condition would have existed. The situation can be so bad that it can even drive some people into depression as their little bubble that promised to look after them was never really there in the first place. The thing is, in all countries there are insurance watchdogs called insurance commissions or regulators whose main purpose is to make sure that insurance companies settle their customer’s insurance claims fairly and promptly. It is the job of these insurance regulators to ensure that companies are being fair to customers. If you are unhappy with the response that your car insurance company gave, the first step is to write a letter to the insurer asking them to reconsider their response to your claim. If they don’t change their tone, then you can take it up with the insurance watchdogs and inform them of your case. Most of the time they have a department specialized in looking at small time cases and will help you at no cost. If your claim is large enough you can even look to insurance attorneys so you can get your claim and some extra compensation for “hardship”.

In addition to trying to get out of paying you your rightful claim there are also some dodgy things that car insurance companies do to get you to pay more than you need for your policy. Some people mistakenly think that car insurance policy premiums should rise every year. Car insurance companies are more than happy to jump on those people with a vengeance. This is especially so if you have had a claim the previous year where the insurance companies have a very valid reason to up your premium. Sometimes cunning insurance companies may even increase your coverage for the next year without you knowing about it. This might even be the case where you have decided to clean up your policy and delete some coverage items. You might find that those items that you deleted will magically reappear in the policy for the following year.

Very few customers will know that most car insurance companies will spend 75% of their resources in getting new customers and only 25% of their resources maintaining their current customers. It has somehow been hardwired in their brains that it is better to steal customers from their competitors than to build long lasting relationships with their current customers. This being the case they will often give new customers very good incentives to move your car insurance policy over to them however would not offer the same courtesy to their current customers. Policy holders should keep up with the latest promotions that their car insurance companies might be running. Call the insurer if you are eligible and insist that the same offer be extended to you or your will move your business elsewhere.

Another sneaky thing that insurers do to your car insurance policy is to mess around with your deductibles so that they can get more premium out of you. If you set your deductibles low, the price of your premium will go up. If your deductibles are high then your premium is low. It is always to the benefit of the insurer to keep your deductibles as low as possible so they can earn extra money from you. There are two times that they can hit you with this. The first is when you sign-up and aren’t particular about your deductibles. The second is when your car insurance policy is up for renewal and the insurance company sneakily reduces your deductibles back to “default”.

The main cause of dissatisfaction with your car insurance is to do with a misunderstanding or simply not paying enough attention to your car insurance policy either at the beginning or when your policy was being renewed. A policy is basically a contract that binds both you and the insurer into an agreement. Everything that the insurer is liable to do for you is in the policy documentations. It is for this reason that it is vitally important that you actually take the time to read and understand the car insurance policy. Do it so you won’t get any surprises when you make a claim in the future.


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