The Simplest Way to Get Affordable Car Insurance

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It is almost everywhere that you can hear about car insurance companies offering packages that they consider affordable. Something that either you or me can’t afford to pass up. A deal that is so good that it will blow the socks off the competitors. But the thing is after a while almost all of the car insurance companies start to sound the same. They always throw around the word affordable but in reality what is affordable to one person might not be affordable to another person. By definition using the word affordable in the context of car insurance is a bit misleading. In this article we will look at what “affordable” really means and what is the best way to get it.

People would normally automatically think that affordable means cheap. This is not the case with car insurance. The fact is that any car insurance policy can be made cheap. The price of a car insurance policy is heavily determined by the amount of coverage that is requested. If you ask for a low coverage policy then you can certainly expect it to be cheap. This is because car insurance companies charge their premiums based on the depth and wideness of their product’s coverage. If you have low coverage then the car insurance companies have to charge you less. It is simply how the system works. This “law” even extends to large established companies who you would think would provide very costly car insurance products.

The affordability of car insurance should actually be measured in how efficient the policy is to your needs. An efficient policy is one which covers you very well while still being cheap. On the flipside if you have an insurance policy that only covers you sparingly but is very expensive then you have a policy that isn’t efficient. In almost all cases, there is no benefit to having a insurance policy that is inefficient. Any insuree should strive to have their insurance policy as efficient as possible so they can save ultimately save money. Below we will look at one of the most important points that is often forgotten in chasing a policy that is efficient thus affordable.

One of the best ways to make a car insurance policy efficient to you is to customize it to your needs. This might be a “why didn’t I think of that moment” for you but most people don’t even realize that it is something that they could and should be doing. Most insurance companies will develop car insurance that can cater for the widest profile of what car insurance protection customers might need. This means that almost every coverage protection is included “just to be sure”. This is particularly true for comprehensive plans which really do cover every angle possible. The problem with covering all angles in an insurance policy is that some of the coverage items simply don’t relate to you at all. With a normal uncustomized policy, you are very likely paying for coverage items that simply won’t happen to you at all. A perfect example would be flood protection for your car when you live in a desert or in the mountains. There really is no point in accepting an insurance policy that isn’t customized to your needs.

This is by far one of the most overlooked ways to get your insurance policy more affordable but is also one of the most effective ways to bring down costs. The problem is that most people are accustomed to getting a standardized “comprehensive” plan and would not think twice about customizing insurance plans to meet their needs. Insurance companies know this and most will almost always push you the way of a standardized plan knowing full well that you will be wasting money on coverage items that you don’t need. It is only when you insist that you want to trim some of the excess off the policy and that their competitors allow it will they allow you to do so and get back to you with a quote that has been modified to suit your needs.

Another misnomer that is commonly passed off as “normal” in the car insurance industry is the use of the word “comprehensive”. It is basically a marker for the car insurance companies to dump whatever coverage they think they can sell to end users together and push it off to you the insuree. The best way to approach it is to get comprehensive quote from car insurance providers then work yourself back to get an affordable policy that is properly suited to your needs only. Don’t let car insurance companies tell you that your coverage is lopsided or not thorough enough. You will need to determine which coverage items apply to you and only you will know how suitable or thorough the policy is for your own needs.

There are definitely other things that you can do to push the cost of your car insurance down however the course we have described above is by far the least used. When done properly it can also reduce the price of your premium quite substantially. The thing is, many people are simply not aware that they have the right to pick and choose which coverage items they want. Most are under the impression that they have to buy specific products that have been prepackaged by the insurance companies. This simply isn’t the case; almost all insurance companies are able to customize car insurance products to make them more affordable for you.


What is the cheapest car insurance for new 18 yr old drivers?

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heather asked:

i am looking for a good quality cheap car insurance. I am about to get my license in 1 week and before i can drive any car my parents want me to have insurance. Any ideas?
i also dont have a job yet, but i might be getting one soon. so one i can afford on a minimum wage

Drive Less To Lower Auto Insurance Costs

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If you’re just like countless other individuals across the nation, you are attempting to cut back wherever feasible. In these tough economic times, everyone is searching for creative approaches to conserve some bucks. This is one method to cling onto your money: think about walking to work or the grocery store as opposed to taking the car. Not only will you save on gas and get some workout-you also may qualify for a valuable price reduction on your auto insurance rates.

Drive less, save more Many insurers have what’s known as a “drive less, spend less” plan for motorists who drive fewer than common miles on their vehicles each year. Based on your insurance company, you could save up to 18 % in the event you drive fewer than 7,500 miles per year. Nonetheless, these types of plans are available only in a few states. If you are trying to conserve cash, ask your insurance company if you might be qualified to apply for this cheaper coverage.

How does it work?

The “drive less, pay less” program differs with each and every insurance company. While some insurers will accept your word for it on how many miles you drive each year, some others demand evidence.

You can also find insurance companies who give even larger reductions-but they closely observe their policy owners. For example, at least one carrier expects an OnStar membership to sign up on the drive less plan. Though an OnStar membership runs about $19 monthly, you could cut as much as 54 % on your auto insurance should you drive fewer than 15,000 miles per year under this plan. By executing a fast cost benefit study, many times it’s worth the extra $19 per month.

A different insurer offers an alternative to put in a tiny, wireless device inside your car to monitor your mileage as well as your driving habits. Although it may be strange to be aware that someone is constantly observing, you can save loads of cash with this plan.

If you want to steer clear of costly car insurance, talk to your insurer if they have a “drive less, pay less” plan. If not, you may consider switching to some carrier that offers these inexpensive car insurance.


Much ado about Cheap Car Insurance

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Most old people who have lived a full life would tell you that getting insurance is much like buying something that you will definitely use in the future. They will tell you to get as much insurance as you can afford for it is at the time of greatest need that you will have insurance products to cover you. This rings especially true for car insurance. Most of our lives have become centered on our cars and most of us have our livelihoods depend on it. If something terrible like an accident were to happen then we would most probably be in quite a severe financial crisis.

It is here that many of us find it a bit hard to understand. There is a big difference between cheap car insurance and insurance that has limited coverage. Just because you have quote for cheap car insurance doesn’t mean that the quality of insurance is compromised in anyway. It is vitally important to recognize the difference between cheap car insurance that offers adequate levels of protection and the less than favorable cheap car insurance products that compromise on coverage to keep prices down. The one that you should be aiming for are insurance products that still have good coverage but at reduced competitive prices.

Some people think that if you settle for cheap car insurance that you will in one way or another get screwed at the end of the day. Although this might seem like an obvious case in most circumstances, it isn’t when it comes to car insurance products. Some smaller insurance companies that specialize in budget policies can offer products which are very competitive. These cheap insurance for cars providers still offer the same level of service as bigger institutionalized providers and offer the same level of product reliability. Just be sure to check their references and their reputation before signing up to any of their policies.

The most important thing to do is to have a good idea of how much insurance you need. Most people go into searching for their car insurance without actually quantifying how much insurance they need. If you do not quantify it correctly then you are either over insuring your car thus wasting money or underinsuring yourself thus leaving too much risk to bear. You will need to ask questions that you have to answer very objectively. How important is the car to your lifestyle? Are you an inherently dangerous driver? How many accidents do you regularly get in to per year? It is only when you answer all these questions truthfully can you understand what coverage options you need for you car insurance.

In addition to just the choices between normal car insurance and cheap car insurance, there are things that you can do which can effectively drive the costs of your car insurance down. The first and usually the most obvious would be fitting an approved immobilizer or car alarm. You will have to check with your car insurance provider and get a list of approved theft deterrent devices that you can install in your car. With the devices installed, you can enjoy as much as a 20% discount on your car insurance policy.

How long you sign up for your car insurance policy also has an affect on how cheap your car insurance policy will be. If you opt for policy plans that are longer you will also get a discount. The per day insurance cost of a one year policy is less than the per day cost of a one month insurance policy. Naturally this is as a benefit for those who are willing to sign up for longer duration insurance products and also saves the insurer valuable office time which are also savings that can be passed on to customers.

If you want to save even further then you can be active in the way you manage your car insurance. You will have to match your insurance as much as possible to the way you use your car. A perfect example of this is if you are away for business for about 3 months a year. In these three months, you car is sitting in the garage and is exposed to very little risk. It then only makes sense that you reduce your coverage to something much cheaper like third party coverage policy during this period.

The method that you decide on how to pay your car insurance policy also makes a difference to how cheap your car insurance policy will be. The insurers may offer up to a 10% discount to customers who allow direct debit as their form of payment. Generally most insurance providers will also allow up to a 20% discount for customers who opt for combined insurance products, such as ones for home insurance and car insurance under the same company.

The above are just a few helpful points that you can use to obtain cheap car insurance products in the market. It is wrong to think that cheap insurance is second grade insurance; there are many companies that can offer great products are reduced prices. It also helps a lot if you know what to do to push prices down too.

Where To Find Cheap Car Insurance Online

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Many people find car insurance confusing – and as a result end up paying more than they should in a very competitive market. The monthly payments – or premiums – depend on several things – your level of cover, the company insuring you and how much of a risk the insurance company deems you to be.

The popularity of the internet has made it easier than ever to find, compare and choose car insurance on line. Most companies can give you a quote fairly quickly – in general, it will take from between ten to twenty minutes to enter the required information into one of the online application forms. There’s also usually a free number to ring if you want to talk to a person.

Comparing car insurance quotes online

Obtaining car insurance quotes online is fairly straightforward – although there are some things you should keep in mind. Not all insurance companies will provide an instant quote on the screen in front of you; some companies may email the quote to you or ring you at a later date.

Some car owners don’t realise that even if their current policy isn’t up for renewal just yet, most insurance companies will allow a customer to cancel the policy, if they decide to switch insurance companies. In this case, you are generally entitled to a proportionate amount as a refund.

One way to easily compare car insurance rates and products is to use one of several web sites which offer comparison shopping. Two of the better sites are the aptly named and Most sites compare the UK’s top insurance companies, including AA, Norwich Union and First Direct.

How to keep your premiums down

There are several ways you can reduce the cost of car insurance. Premiums are lower if you keep your car locked up in a garage overnight – over 50% of cars are stolen at night. Otherwise, try to park in your driveway, rather than on the street – this will also decrease the chance of vandalism.

Make sure you accurately report the mileage that you drive in a year – don’t pay for too much mileage. A change in employment or lifestyle may mean less mileage – many people don’t bother to change their car insurance details when this happens.

Having a car alarm or immobiliser installed in your car will also usually result in lower payments. An additional driver using the car may mean increased premiums. And of course, your past driving record also has a significant effect on the cost of your car insurance.

Basic car insurance policies

A recent – and welcome – innovation in car insurance is the concept of so-called basic coverage, as offered by both Tesco and Norwich Union, in an effort to simplify the often confusing process. Basic coverage also allows car owners to take out adequate insurance without paying more than they need to.

Norwich Union’s product is appropriately named Simple Cover and is available online only. The product also eliminates some of the unnecessary extras that customers tend to unknowingly pay for. Another big difference is that the premium is payable in a yearly lump sum, rather than monthly.

Tesco value car insurance is also available online only – even the application form is simpler – and Tesco has taken some of the unnecessary extras out, which can increase the cost of premiums. For example, Tesco value car insurance doesn’t offer a replacement car for use during repairs, or cover a broken windscreen.

Shopping for car insurance online shouldn’t be difficult. With a little bit of research and the right list of web addresses, choosing the right car insurance can be easy and stress-free.

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