Involved in a Car Collision? This is What You Have to Do

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by Amy Nutt

If you drive frequently, then you know that accidents are a common occurrence on the highways, within the city, when travelling and during the course of your daily commuting. Accidents are a dime a dozen and can be fatal, mild or severe. Whatever the case, if you get involved in a collision, here’s what you should do:

1. Check the State of People Involved

The very first thing to do is check if no one is hurt. This will determine what your next step will be. If someone is hurt, call the police immediately. It is a crime to hit and run or leave someone injured in an accident to his fate. If the accident is fatal and you can move, try what you can to keep anyone alive. In cases of fire, see if you can extricate any of the individuals. If you can, bring them out gently and move them far away from the inferno. Then check to see if they are alive. Lay them down in a position where they are facing upwards and see if they can talk. If they can, ask them simple questions to see if they can still recall things. If the police hasn’t arrived by this time, try to keep them alive. If anyone is bleeding try to tie a tourniquet around the bleeding part. If it is in the limbs, try tying it at the upper part so that the individual will not lose too much blood.

2. File an accident report within 10 days.

This will ensure that you do not get your license suspended. For accidents whose damage assessment is less than a thousand dollars, you should exchange details such as driver’s license numbers, phone numbers et.c. In cases where a domestic animal is hit, you should do all in your best to contact the owner.

3. Contact your car insurance company

There is a reason it is generally advised that all car owners obtain some form of auto insurance and it is that in cases of theft and collision, the insurance company can pay after you make your claims. If the claims are justifiable and proved true, then you will get your benefits. While the insurance may not be able to pay you everything, they can reimburse you to the tune of eight, sometimes ninety percent. That’s at least better than having to scrape up the money for a new car if the car is totalled or pay for the repairs of a slightly damaged car. Therefore, as soon as you can, get in touch with your insurance company and file a claim. This should be attended to before long.

4. What’s Your Status?

This simply means “who was responsible for the collision?”. What were you doing before the accident? If you were drinking and driving or making out, then it might interests you to know that no insurance company is going to be responsible for your excesses. So, be careful particularly when you are filing your claims.

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Securing The Greatest Car Insurance Quotes

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Some believe that to get the best insurance quotes you have to call hundreds of companies till you find the cheapest rate. Well, that is not exactly true. You can start lowering your quote before you even buy your car. Here are a few tips that will help you secure the best quotes before you even call the insurance company.

Insurance companies will look at your credit when you apply. So take some time to check your own credit and see what your score is. There may be a bill or something that will add a few more point to your score. The higher your score is the more willing the insurance company may be getting you a lower rate.

Think about your insurance when choosing a car. If you purchase a car that is made for speed and wild driving then the insurance company will quote you as being that kind of driver. If you choose a car that is more for families and responsible drivers than that is the type of quote you are going to get. What you need to do is find something in between these two car types.

The more safety features that you get with you car the lower your rate will be also. Insurance companies will give discounts for every safety feature that you add to you car. Another benefit to this is that you will be driving a safer car while you are saving money on your insurance. So don’t skimp on the safety features.

If you can find safety driving classes in you town you would be wise to take one or two. Safety classes show the insurance company that you are trained to drive safely. If they don’t have to worry about you going out and driving like a fool then they will be more likely to give you a lower rate.

Last but not least, when you do get your insurance, try to get it with the same company that you have your other types of insurance with. If you combine your auto insurance with you home, life, or other insurances you can get a major discount. If you cant get a discount with the company that you are using for your other insurance you may want to consider going to another company that will offer this kind of discount.

There is a lot that you can do to secure the best quotes. One of the best is to not be afraid to ask about discounts. These companies are competing for your business and that gives you the power to demand that they give you every discount they got. One or two may say no but if you keep looking you will find you can get what you want.

These are just a few ideas on how to get discounts on your insurance quotes. Its not hard to find these types of ideas. Just do some research and you can come up with a lot of ways to secure that low quote on your car insurance. You just have to be willing to learn how and then do what is needed to be done. So get out there secure that quote and save you some money


Why You Should Use Emergency Road Services

October 9, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance · Comment 

Emergency road services are some of the best advancements in the auto world. This has made roads so much safer and more convenient, especially for people who travel often and run higher risks of being stranded. It helps with accidents, can tow your car, help you find a garage, or do an on-site repair to make sure you get to work on time. Though it is not positive that you will not be late or will not have a high repair bill, at least you will not be in so much danger.

The services tend to come in two different types of packages. There are the high-tech systems installed into your car. These are wonderful because you can have almost instant help. You car is hooked up to their satellite system and has sensors so they can tell when something has happened.

The other type is slightly more do-it-yourself. You must make the call yourself, so make sure you always have a cell phone with you and it is always well charged. Keep your identification card with you, too, so you have the correct number to call and the identification number they gave you. After you call and explain the situation, they will send help on its way to find you.

If you get into an accident, the automated system will be able to tell due to the sensors. Something light like a fender bender may not trigger it, but if your airbag is deployed, a service person will call you via the system. They will talk to you and find out if you are alright and automatically send the police your way for help. This is so helpful for anyone who might be in extreme danger. If there is no response because you are unconscious, the system will send an ambulance.

With the other system, you would have to call it in yourself. There is also no satellite connection, so you need to know exactly where you are for help to find you. All the same, this is absolutely worth the investment and has also saved many lives.

The other type of system requires you to call if you get in an accident. This emergency road service plan is much less convenient because a bad accident could ruin your cell phone or render you unable to call. It is still an excellent service to invest in, though.

Cars breaking down is another huge headache that can be partially relieved by getting help when you need it. They will come and change flat tires, bring you gas, bring you antifreeze or wiper fluid, or do any manner of on site repairs. If the problem is something they cannot fix, a tow truck will carry you to an obliging garage.

It can also provide taxis for you to keep you from being too late. Though memberships differ based on the type of service and the specific company, it can be quite low–only fifty dollars per year for some. This is extraordinarily cheap for a year of security, especially when you consider how expensive towing your car would be if it were not covered.

There comes a time when you need roadside assistance during an automotive crisis. Consult with the Towing Ontario for more information on responsive, resourceful, and reliable emergency road service Toronto.

Used Car Dealers – Tricks And Deceptions

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Even though many people can afford a new car, they choose to buy a used vehicle for a variety of reasons. Some people buy used vehicles of about a year or two old; they are still in like new condition but the major portion of the depreciation has already occurred. When it’s time to buy that car, they tend to shop at used car dealers.

This type of dealership has really managed to gain a tough reputation over the years. Even movies and television shows make fun of used car salespeople and portray them as stupid, lazy, or downright criminals. They also have reputations for trying to sell vehicles that should be sent to be crushed long ago. Consumers are always filing complaints about how they were allegedly done wrong at one of their local dealers.

How much of all this is true? Some. No matter how shady some of these people might be, the majority of the onus falls on the customer to understand exactly what he’s buying and what he’s being charged. Unless you have a dealer who is purposely committing fraud, your entire deal should be plainly outlined in the paperwork given to you sign.

If you had promises made to you, make sure they are in writing. Forget the gentleman’s handshake or “don’t worry about a thing, I’ll take care of you” speeches. Don’t sign anything unless everything you had agreed to is indeed in writing. If not, you were instrumental in causing your own problem.

One issue that keeps coming up when it comes to consumer complaints is the type of financing available for used cars. This can’t always be blamed on just used car dealerships. Used cars have always had higher interest rates associated with the loans no matter how good your credit is. Why? Used cars are the ones that are defaulted on more frequently. This goes back decades when used cars were really old clunkers, and if people financed them, they would usually just die and people would stop paying for them. Even though the car industry has changed, the finance industry hasn’t kept up with the times.

Another problem consumers have is that it’s hard to get specific information about the cars on many lots. Some dealerships sell any car they can. They can’t be expected to know everything about every car on the lot. And, these cars usually don’t get turned in with the original owners manual so if you find a car you’re interested in, it’s up to you to learn all about it.

In these cases, do research before even making a down payment. If you have a laptop with a wireless data plan, bring it with you! Let the salesman know you are going to check out the car, the pricing, financing alternatives, and a CarFax history report.

Then, take it for a long test drive. If possible, have an auto mechanic look at the odometer and rule out tampering. This isn’t limited to old cars; many new cars that were leases are still prime candidates. Some cars are turned in just because of their high mileage. Make sure you aren’t buying one.

Whether you are purchasing new or used cars Edmonton, our reliable automotive dealership offers friendly customer service and up-to-date resources. Our team of dealers has all the information you need for purchasing cars, vans, used trucks Edmonton, and other vehicles.

Is There A Solution To The Teenage Driving Problem?

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Teenage driving is a serious issue of parents worldwide due to regular occurrences of teen crashes and mishaps on the road. The important thing is to understand the reasons for such occurrences and reduce the risk taking habit of the teen drivers. The other areas to improve are to reduce the exposure to any sort of risk and teach the required driving skills to these teenagers.

The change in law to increase the driving age from 16 to 18 years is not the solution to this problem. This will only impact the Automobile industry and its related service sectors. It will be a big blow to manufacturers, driving instructors, gas companies, and insurance agents. There will be a sharp drop in revenues for the manufacturers as well as the insurance agents due to the change of law.

Main reasons for the teen crashes are immaturity, risk taking behavior, lack of skills and non-adherence to safety rules. It is important to educate the teenagers about these driving and safety rules and ensure that they follow them in a disciplined manner. The parents should not hand over the car keys to their children till the time they avoid such manners and gain the necessary driving skills.

Drunken driving, not wearing seat belts, distractions on the road, and late night driving have been the reasons for teen mishaps on the road. Most of the teen fatalities tend to occur between 6 PM to 6AM mainly on Fridays and weekends.

The safety rules are not followed by the teenagers in a proper manner. They don’t drive with their parent or instructor for the first three months after getting their driving license, avoid driving at midnight except for some purposeful reason, avoid usage of gadgets like phones, and wear seat belts. The lack of discipline and non-adherence to safety rules has been a major reason for teen accidents.

In order to reduce risk for their teen children the parents should also be a part of their driving skills learning program. The parents should partner with their child to teach them defensive driving techniques and driver safety rules. The parent should also share their own driving experiences with their children. This will help them become more mature and prepared to handle any adverse situations.

The risk taking behavior of the teenager also requires modification. It is an important job for the parents to understand the reasons that could make their child take certain risks which could prove fatal. Then a plan should be prepared to analyze the behavior of the child and make them aware of the ramification for these actions. It should be noted that a teenager’s body develops many changes during these growing years and the hormonal activities of the body can influence certain unwanted decisions. So it is important to make the teenager aware of the problems that they might face if they take such risks and try to modify their behavior.

It is important for teenagers to join the best driver education program. The onus lies on the parents to make their children join an authorized and certified driver education program which can help them develop their driving skills. The quality of the program and instructors approach is important for helping the teenager grasp the required driving knowledge. It is important to monitor the progress of the teenager on a daily basis. It is important to explain to the teenager that the driver program is just the beginning of their learning curve to become an expert driver.

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