Check Out These Amazing Facts About Speeding Tickets

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On average, over 100,000 drivers get speeding tickets every day. Thats 36,500,000 traffic tickets yearly.

One in every six drivers will be ticketed for speeding this year.

The average speeding ticket costs $150.00.

$150 x 36,500,000= $5,475,000,000! Thats almost 5.5 BILLION per year in speeding ticket fines.

The average raise in insurance costs for one speeding ticket over the course of 3 years is $900.00.

Take 36,500,000 and multiply by $900 and you get 3.28 BILLION ($3,285,000,000) in extra money made by insurance companies from increased auto insurance premiums.

Over 95% of people who receive a speeding ticket never contest it and just pay the fine.

A lot of the 5% who do fight their ticket will either get reduced charges, or the ticket dismissed altogether.

In the US there are almost 200 million licensed drivers.

Immediate grounds for dismissal of a traffic ticket is the officer not showing up to traffic court. This happens 40% of the time.

The first city in the US to use the photo radar was Paradise Valley, AZ in 1987.

In 1966 Brooklyn Ohio was the first city that mandated the use of seat belts.

The demographic that receives more speeding tickets are the 17 to 24 year drivers.

More males than females receive speeding citations.

Conversely more women than men will fight their traffic tickets.

17 year olds cause more traffic accidents than any other age.

In July 1879, two men are fined for speeding horses in Seattle.

The first automobile made by Henry Ford in 1894 only went forward.

At a London intersection in 1868, pedestrians and horse drawn buggies were the first to use traffic lights. They were lanterns that glowed either red or green.

Washington D.C. area photo radar cameras since 1999 have been responsible for almost 3,000,000 traffic tickets worth almost $200,000,000.

The first known speeding ticket was given to the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister in 1910. She was doing 10 miles an hour over the limit.

Speeding tickets are handed out to doctors more than any other type of profession.

In salary and benefits an average police officer will cost a city around $75,000 a year. He will also make the town an average of $150,000 in that same year. Cops are good investments.

The top ten states for writing speeding tickets are:

1. Ohio 2. Pennsylvania 3. New York 4. California 5. Texas 6. Georgia 7. Virginia 8. North Carolina 9. Massachusetts 10. Connecticut


Fighting Your Traffic Ticket: Don’t Make These 5 Foolish Mistakes

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Over the years I have heard of some pretty awful defense strategies people use to try and get out of a traffic ticket. You cant blame them though. A lot of these individuals were simply relying on so called insider information they heard from a friend.

Below I have listed the top five mistakes you can make when fighting your traffic ticket. I hope you too will see the futility in them and refrain from using these worthless defenses.

Mistake #1- Delaying the Court Trial

Almost every other book I’ve read on traffic tickets advises you to postpone the trial by asking for a continuance. They claim the longer your traffic court trial is from the original infraction, the greater the chance the officer will fail to show up to court on your traffic ticket.

Do not try to delay your date with the traffic court. You will not increase the likelihood the officer wont be there and thus having your traffic ticket thrown out.

Lets say that you do get your traffic court date pushed back. What if the police officer still shows at court?

Then what? Police officers get paid overtime to show up to traffic court.

Mistake #2- Request the Prosecution’s Evidence Before Trial.

Don’t get me wrong, you have the legal right to view everything they plan on using to convict you. Its called discovery, and is useful before a murder trial. But this is traffic court and it can hurt your case.

Requesting evidence before any kind of trial tells the prosecution you are planning a defense. He will see this as a challenge and will undoubtedly prepare accordingly, making your chances of winning almost impossible.

Don’t give the prosecution a heads up that you know anything about traffic court proceedings. Do not contact them prior to your traffic court date.

Mistake #3- Doing a lot of needless research

Who likes to spend their free time at the courthouse researching boring piles of books pertaining to law? Trust me, there is no need in doing this.

Although in some cases it may be wise to look up a certain law and see how it is worded, there really is no need to do it with all traffic ticket trials.

Mistake #4- Going after the police officers credibility

If you go to traffic court with the idea you are going to attack the officers credibility, don’t waste your time. You can forget getting your traffic ticket dismissed. Saying the officer didn’t use the equipment properly, or that he singled you out or any number of other excuses are useless.

Challenging the officers training of a radar gun will always draw scrutiny from the judge. He will take the officers side and will insist you ask the next question.

Its just understood that the officer has the proper training on the speed detecting equipment he or she used to give you a traffic ticket. There’s no question about it. Say you do try this defense, where are you going to get the evidence the judge will ask for to support your claim?

Mistake #5- Showing up to traffic court unprepared.

This may be the biggest mistake individuals make when they try to fight a traffic ticket. They go into traffic court thinking they did their homework, when in reality they had no idea what they were doing, and end up paying the traffic ticket.

Those who did no research go to traffic court with the notion that they can just tell their side of the story and the judge will see things their way and dismiss their traffic ticket. Yeah right!

Its understandable that it can be nerve wracking showing up to traffic court. Just remember you aren’t on trial for your life, its just a traffic ticket. Traffic court is designed to be user friendly because of the volume of people going through there daily.

If you avoid these 5 mistakes you will have a better chance of claiming your victory in traffic court, and hopefully getting that traffic ticket thrown out.


Becoming An Informed Insurance Buyer: What SR-22 Means

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For some reason, some insurance companies make the filing of an SR-22 document seem like a mystery, giving you the impression it is some secretive and complicated matter that you should not question too closely. You cannot start becoming an informed insurance buyer without knowing what SR-22 means, and if you fall into one of the categories of drivers required to file the form, you should know exactly what you are getting into.

Because the SR-22 document essentially proves your financial responsibility, people have erroneously concluded that it is insurance for poor people. This is not the case. It is true that having a very bad credit history can affect your options in buying insurance, but it also affects your ability to get an SR-22 filing because, if you recall, the whole point of having it is to establish financial responsibility. The major reasons you will need an SR-22 include:

-getting caught driving without insurance,

-being cited for DUI/DWI or other serious moving violation,

-causing an accident (being at fault) while driving uninsured,

-receiving repeat citations in a short period of time, and

-driving with a suspended or revoked license.

In most states you will be required to have an SR-22 for a specific length of time, often three years. If you get through that time period without reneging on payments or getting additional tickets, your SR-22 requirement will expire.

Consider it like probation

You will have a long-term filing status with an SR-22, typically three years as mentioned above, which you should think of as driving probation. That is how your state DMV and police think of it, so you should, too. The SR-22 is not insurance itself, and you are required to have ongoing insurance coverage during your SR-22 status. The insurance company that issues you a policy pursuant to an SR-22 filing will notify the authorities in your state at once if your policy is unpaid, canceled or lapses, triggering the suspension of your license once again.

Not every insurance company will file the SR-22, so you need to become an informed consumer first and do your research. There are also different rates for the service, as well as a wide range of policy costs, so you really do need to shop around. You can look forward to a smooth experience if you use a company experienced with the SR-22 filing, and some insurers will stay on top of things to the point that they will file a termination form with the authorities (called an SR-26 in some states), usually within some 10 days of the SR-22’s expiration.

Different state requirements

Generally speaking, if you have an SR-22 currently and move to another state, you will have to finish out the stated time period anyway. You will also need to get in-state insurance with liability limits that meet the required minimums in your former home state. For example, if you have an SR-22 in a state where the minimum liability figures are 50/100/25, and move to a state with 25/50/10 limits, you still have to carry the former, higher limits in your new state. You will continue in your SR-22 status in the new state until the time period ends in the old one.

Some states do not have SR-22 requirements, like Delaware, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Kentucky. If you move to one of these places while in SR-22 status, however, you will have to meet the insurance requirements of the old state where you were required to file the SR-22. If your SR-22 is from, say, Arizona, and then you move to New Mexico, you will continue filing the SR-22 with Arizona until the time period runs out. You will get a New Mexico policy, but keep on filing your SR-22 in Arizona until your period expires.

Bottom line

You need to shop around to find insurance companies that will do these filings if you do not want to handle it yourself. A variety of firms, including SR-22 specialists, exist for the express reason of helping you stay on the road, safe and insured. With some companies and in some states, there may be a filing fee attached to the SR-22, as well. The concept as a whole is similar among the many states using SR-22 programs, but you need to remember that the devil is in the details, and there are a lot of them. It is crucial that you find a firm that has the experience and expertise to help you navigate through the complexities of the SR-22 filing.

Most states require an SR22 for major convictions such as a DUI or DWI, driving while license suspended or revoked and at fault accidents without insurance to name a few.

Short Term Car Insurance Positive Aspects And Advantages

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If you want to insure your car for a short period of time, or temporarily supplement their existing policy, or even get an independent policy on another vehicle, short term car insurance is perfect for you. If your car is garaged in a location affected by high winds or hurricanes, a short term policy can be a very good thing to have.

During a hurricane or tornado season, you can get short term car insurance; if a hurricane or tornado comes along and destroys or damages your car, you can have it properly insured. Severe winds are experienced in certain regions of the United States, so this kind of coverage is very important in those locations.

When you rent a car, the insurance that you get on it usually only covers the person actually paying to rent the car. If a group of people, such as vacationing friends, are sharing a rental car, you can take out a short term policy that will cover anyone who will be operating the vehicle. If you are on a trip where you are unfamiliar with the area, but someone else with you has that knowledge, having insurance to cover for no matter whom is driving can be very important.

In some cities there is a very high incident of accidents because traffic is very heavy and the drivers don’t obey all of the rules of the road. It doesn’t help matters that a lot of are tourists who aren’t used to driving there and do not know the roads. You can protect yourself against any accidents that may happen as you use this rental car with short term car insurance. Therefore, insurance premiums will not increase for you or your driving buddies.

People who are visiting the US can often be confused by the different rules of the road. Driving in the United States can often be very different and even counter-intuitive to people who drive in other countries. Unfamiliarity with our driving policies can be a major distraction for foreign visitors. By taking out a short term car insurance policy on a driver who is brand new to driving in the United States, any damage to the vehicle they are in will be covered. They are going to be able to relax with the knowledge that if they are in an accident while in the United States they are not going to have to deal with a system they do not understand.

Another reason to get short term car insurance is to insure a vehicle that you won’t have for a long time, or to make quite sure any accident that occurs during transport of a vehicle between places is covered. This way, if something happens while you are driving this vehicle, not only will the expense of repairs be covered, but your primary insurance rates will not be affected in any way.

Low Cost Car Insurance – A Dream That Has Come True

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You have bought a new car and now you are thinking to get it insured? After all, insurance is the best way to make your car safer and keep it new for as long as you want. You surely want security for the thing on which you spent a considerable amount of hard-earned bucks. Insurance for your car is the best solution to your problem. Nothing can make you car more secure than having car insurance.

But you must be very clear about the money you can spend on insurance. This may come out to be quite surprising for you that there are many companies which are charging nearly the same amount for insurance as that of a new car. You surely do not want that and you must be thinking some of alternative other than car insurance for your car security. But wait a minute- there are ways with the help of which you can reduce the insurance estimate. Keep on reading the article and you will be able to find a way to get low cost car insurance

Don’t just take one estimate when you get it when shopping for insurance. It is in your best interest to always try to get a second, third, fourth, and maybe more estimate. This is an important expenditure, so you need to do your due diligence to make sure you come out a winner when its all said and done instead of a loser.

Try to look into all info regarding the pricing of insurance in your town or maybe possibly the entire country. If what you find dosen’t satisfy you, then use your friendly internet and look for as many insurance guys as you can find, and check the differences in their pricing. When its all said and done, im sure you’ll get your hands on a good one offering low cost car insurance.

You will see how quickly competing insurance companies drop their estimates when you show them their competitors lowest price. Once you get a good low cost car insurance rate that works for you, do your best to be responsible. Don’t file any claims before 5 years and you might just get a discount on your already low pricing. Its easy to do this if you just stay diligent and obey the rules of the road and show courteousness to other drivers. Behave like this and you will be fine with keeping your low insurance rates.

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